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New TMA Member Discount

TMA Member Benefit: Exclusive Discount on Cutting-Edge Bankruptcy Tool

As part of its commitment to offering only the most valuable member benefits, TMA provides new benefits and access to resources only when these have been carefully vetted by turnaround experts. We know your time is at a premium, which is why evaluate new technologies and offerings and to provide a carefully curated menu of benefits that are worth your time. We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with BankruptcyData, a Division of New Generation Research, Inc., to provide you with a deep discount—exclusive to TMA members—on BankruptcyData's research platform.

This new member benefit will give you a competitive advantage and help you make more informed decisions regarding the bankruptcy and distressed sectors. You’ll spend less time looking for business bankruptcy information and more time using it.

This new benefit, accessible to TMA members who have an active 2021 membership, includes a FREE 30-day unrestricted trial of BankruptcyData.com. PLUS, if you decide to sign on after your 30-day trial, as a TMA member, you’ll receive a 25% discount off of the original first-year subscription rate. 

Take Advantage of This New TMA Benefit

To access this special offer, complete this short BankruptcyData Benefit form. You will be contacted by a representative from BankruptcyData within 5 business days.

Your FREE trial will allow you to: 

  • Save on PACER fees
  • Export court documents into Excel with ease
  • Be the first to know with integrated news from Distressed Company News
  • Access custom data and analysis reports created by in-house analysts
  • View geographical hot spots of filings in your area. Find out who is filing, what type of filing and even analyze discharge or dismissal rates. Learn where to target potential clients, search specifics in filing details, and even scout satellite office locations
  • Get a competitive edge over other local bankruptcy attorneys. You can find out where your competitors are filing, the types of filings, review their discharge or dismissal rate, and even reveal their own marketing strategies
  • Track case details and progress, organize all of your court appointments into a simple calendar, and create alerts that notify you of changes to appointment or client details



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