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The Turnaround Management Association (TMA) is the leading organization dedicated to turnaround management, corporate restructuring, and distressed investing. Established in 1988, TMA has more than 8,300 members in 56 chapters worldwide, including 32 in North America. Members include turnaround practitioners, attorneys, accountants, advisors, liquidators, executive recruiters, and consultants, as well as academic, government, and judicial employees.

  • Our chapter, like Arizona as a whole, is more real-estate driven than others,
  • Focuses on a maintaining a healthy balance between compelling programs and networking mixers,
  • Invites 1-2 other organizations to co-host most events to maximize introductions/quality of networking,
  • Has made a push to involve major private equity players

Some past events include

  • Meet the New Bankruptcy Judges panel,
  • wine tasting,
  • State of Lending panel,
  • private equity mixer,
  • DBacks game with presentation by CFO Tom Harris,
  • the Basha’s turnaround,
  • bowling for charity