TMA Town Hall for January 12, 2022

Director Independence in Bankruptcy

Maintaining director independence during bankruptcy proceedings can present challenges, as many incumbent board members may resign as a company’s fortunes decline, and recruiting new board members may be difficult.  Recent publications...

TMA Town Hall for December 8, 2021

Corporate Governance in Distress

A company’s board of directors is an essential element for planning and executing a successful bankruptcy reorganization. Turnaround professionals, and especially those who serve on boards, should have a good understanding of the legal and...

From The 2021 TMA Annual

In this discussion, speakers will explore the impact of COVID-19 on the labor market, parents and families (predominantly women and people of color), and what the future looks like. You’ll learn about the effects of the pandemic on the workforce, as well as what...

TMA Town Hall for June 16, 2021

ESG, Sustainable, and Impact Investing: Returns, Profits, and Distressed Potential

Presented in partnership with the New York Institute of Credit. Investors are increasingly concerned with the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts of their investment...

IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

From IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

Completing the transaction is often the easy part. The real work begins day one post-merger, when success necessitates hitting the ground running. Ideally, a transaction will create economic value which exceeds the cost of the...

TMA Town Hall for August 19, 2020

Healthcare Industry Distress, sponsored by SAK Management Services, LLC

Hear four distinct viewpoints on the healthcare industry's distress: the hospital environment, the nursing home environment, lenders, and legal. How will the impacts of COVID-19 impact healthcare...

TMA Town Hall for July 8, 2020

Best Practices for Directors & Officers in an Economic Downturn

What typical challenges face directors and officers of insolvent companies? To whom do directors and officers have a fiduciary duty in insolvency? Speakers offer valuable insights to help you determine if...

The 2019 TMA Annual

From The 2019 TMA Annual

Corporate communications in crisis situations can preserve or destroy brand value. Our panel of experts will outline best communications practices in the digital age, address the impact of citizen journalism and social media on crisis communications strategies,...

  • What can an issuer do to preempt or address activist pressure?
  • How can boards prepare for activist situations?
  • How do the dynamics of activism change post-restructuring?
  • How should post-restructuring boards respond to activism?
  • What are the key post-
  • ...
  • What are the key strategies and effective responses for other issues and activists?
  • What are key considerations from a valuation perspective?
  • What are primary tactics to implement a solution?
  • What conflicts can arise in activist situations?
  • What are key
  • ...