TMA Town Hall for August 18, 2021

From ‘Poor Farm’ to Skilled Nursing Facility—Champaign County Nursing Home Case Study, sponsored by SAK Management Services, LLC

2020 Turnaround and Transaction Award Winner - Small Company Transaction

Join Suzanne Koenig, CTP and Rick Snider from...

TMA Town Hall for June 16, 2021

ESG, Sustainable, and Impact Investing: Returns, Profits, and Distressed Potential

Presented in partnership with the New York Institute of Credit. Investors are increasingly concerned with the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts of their investment...

TMA Town Hall for May 12, 2021

The First 100: The Biden Administration's Impact on Restructuring

Sponsored by Bernstein Shur, Development Specialists, Inc., and Gavin/Solmonese.

Recent legislation has significantly impacted the turnaround and restructuring industry, including...

TMA Town Hall for April 14, 2021

Strategic Relationship Building for Turnaround Careers

TMA members drive business to one another--relationship are key to your restructuring career. Join 2021 TMA Global President Matthew English, CTP (TMA Northern...

TMA Town Hall for March 31, 2021

The Trailblazing Women of TMA

TMA is celebrating Women's History Month with a few of the women who made this association what it is today.

TMA NOW Co-chair Rachel Jaffe Mauceri, Robinson+Cole LLP...

IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

From IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

Ever wanted to know what ”connections” are when it comes to disclosure? Maybe you’ve thought about how much you really need to include about ”scope of work” when being retained in a case matter. Or have you ever wondered if your...

IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

From IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry was facing myriad financial and economic pressures, including increasing operational costs, lower reimbursement from government and commercial payors,...

IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

From IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience

Can you remember when we talked about finding deal opportunities? Industry experts share their perspectives from different viewpoints as we navigate this ‘new normal’ together. This downturn will impact your career for the next...

The Evolving Role of the  Interim CFO
Whether a company is large or small, public or private, the role of the CFO is moving from reporting the past to anticipating the future—and managing the associated risks and opportunities. One consequence of this expanded role and the resulting higher expectations is greater turnover. Recent...
TMA Town Hall for January 27, 2021

R.I.P. 2020 and Outlook 2021, presented by EACTP

Major legislative changes introduced new restructuring regimes across Europe in 2020. How did these changes impact European economies in 2020, and what are distressed investors expecting in 2021?