The 2019 TMA Annual

From The 2019 TMA Annual

An energizing short session on identifying, recruiting, and retaining top talent at your firm.

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2019 TMA Southeast Regional

From the 2019 TMA Southeast Regional Conference

The 2019 TMA Southeast Regional Conference recently welcomed Matt Martin, Regional Executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, as keynote speaker. Martin discussed the...

2019 TMA Distressed Investing Conference

From the 2019 TMA Distressed Investing Conference

Brian Beaulieu is an economist and CEO of ITR Economics. ITR Economics provides the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business...

  • What can an issuer do to preempt or address activist pressure?
  • How can boards prepare for activist situations?
  • How do the dynamics of activism change post-restructuring?
  • How should post-restructuring boards respond to activism?
  • What are the key post-
  • ...
  • What are the key strategies and effective responses for other issues and activists?
  • What are key considerations from a valuation perspective?
  • What are primary tactics to implement a solution?
  • What conflicts can arise in activist situations?
  • What are key
  • ...
  • Who are today’s activist investors?
  • What are the goals of today’s activist investors?
  • How do today’s activist investors achieve goals?
  • What are early warning signals of potential activist interest?
  • What are the key factors for issuers to consider?
  • ...
In classical turnaround theory, an advisor/consultant/chief restructuring officer (CRO) arrives on the scene of a cash-strapped troubled organization armed with expertise in preparing and analyzing cash-flow and income projections, organization assessment tools, rationalization processes, and other...
On a daily basis, people are increasingly inundated with more “noise” than ever before. From never-ending coverage of the presidential race to what the stock market did that day and what it means for the future, analysis and commentary are abundant and come from a growing array of media and mediums...
When a company is experiencing financial distress, addressing problems as soon as possible is critical to achieving the best outcome. As the situation deteriorates over time, the odds of saving the business and maximizing value are minimized. Typically, once a company’s board recognizes the gravity...
Market prices for most steel, aluminum, and copper products are at or near historical lows not seen since early 2009 following the global financial crisis and resulting recession. Market barometers and the global economy indicate that the remainder of 2016 could experience further market price...