Money, Money, Money: Questions of Risk, Regulation and a Whole New Investing Environment

From the 2023 TMA Distressed Investing Conference

What would it look like if regulation came to the unregulated? Would that put an end to banks efficiently offloading their distress? Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding, other government bailout money, and private equity (PE) money...

Lender-on-Lender Violence: Recent Trends in Dropdown and Up-Tier Transactions

From the 2023 TMA Distressed Investing Conference

What are the takeaways from recent litigation? How do minority lenders protect themselves? Does increased restructuring activity change the lender approach? These topics, and more, will be discussed with a panel of experts.


TMA-Southern California

April 14, 2020

In light of the rapidly changing climate and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, how does one value a company and its assets?

Watching this video confers 1.1 CEU credit for CTAs and CTPs. Complete the ...