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CEO Speaks 5.6.2023

Happy Saturday and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday May 6, 2023.


Nothing speaks more to an actionable organization than the optionality all our members can avail themselves in being a part of something bigger.


In just two weeks our Network of Women (TMA NOW) will host their annual summit in NYC, where amongst other highlights a singular sensation that will take center stage will include a panel of experts who will speak to the business of Broadway.  Panelists Amy Hasselbeck, Emily Lawson and thirteen-time Tony award winning theater and film producer Wendy Federman will share insights on the trials and tribulations that face the great white way.


If that doesn’t peak your sense of curiosity as to what the what this legendary TMA experience has to offer, perhaps being motivated, and invigorated by best-selling author Arin Reeves, of Nextions, LLC who will speak to how women’s energy management needs to be at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, will.


There’s still time to register for this marquee event, in what will empower, motivate, and show the very best of who we are at TMA. So, join these empowering women and join in an experience that will show the power of connectivity through NOW.


Another not to be missed experience, will be the TMA Inaugural Global Symposium and European Annual Conference that will be held in Hamburg, Germany on June 21st and 22nd. While I’ve previously shared that nearly 20 North American leaders, including four past chairs will be part of this gala event, what a moment it will be when industry luminary Laura Davis Jones joins TMA Europe President Eva Ringlespacher and Head of Unit, European Commission representative Andreas Stein, for a panel on developments in international insolvency.


There will be TMA Connect roundtables, a keynote address that will include former U. S. Ambassador to Romania Adrian Zuckerman, networking that will bring together members from around the world together in a celebration of what it means to be a part of something bigger, and connections to be made that will make that one connection many more connections strong.  


Be part of this groundbreaking experience, many years in the making, as we share the power of the internationalism of TMA in a very special way. 


Speaking of special moments, as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of TMA, at this year’s Annual Conference to be held at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel October 3-6th, we will induct into our Hall of Fame our next class of TMA luminaries. Nominations are now open for this celebration of TMA and industry excellence, who will be selected by a committee of luminaries themselves including former TMA Global Chairs Mark Indelecato, and David F.W. Cohen, previous hall of fame inductee Bill Henrich, and Global Leaders Sally Barton and Rob Katz and lead by TMA Global Chair Jane Mitnick. Nominations are open through May 31st, and we encourage you to nominate an outstanding TMA colleague for this prestigious recognition today.


Speaking of nominations, in just a few weeks, nominations for the 2024 TMA Global Executive Board and Board of Trustees will open.  This year, the nominations committee, led by TMA Global Immediate Past Chair Matthew English, will include leaders representing all demographics of our organization including Chapter President’s Council Chair Rob Patrick, TMA NOW leader Jenny Faubion, former TMA NextGen Co-Chair Jack O’Connor, Certification Oversight Committee Chair and VP Education Brian Gleason, CTP, and Eva Ringlespacher, TMA Europe President and the first international member to ever serve on the committee who will select the next leaders of our defining organization.   


Our pipeline of great leaders is strong and whether you are already on a TMA global journey or thinking about being a part of something bigger by becoming part of global leadership, there’s never been a better time to look to our future and be part of our story that is TMA Tomorrow.  More to come in the weeks to follow.  Stay tuned.


Lastly this week, I want to share an update on the great strides being taken by the collaboration committee charged with the implementation of the TMA strategic plan developed last year. Under the leadership of TMA Executive Board Members Jon Reimche, CTP, and Sally Barton, our committee members will shortly be in contact with our Global VP’s, committee chairs and a select group of chapter presidents, to begin the process of aligning our committees with strategic planning goals and doing the hard work of advancing our organization further.   This is an exciting time for TMA and with many changes afoot, from new governance roles, to support of the member experience through our new Association management System and an expected late year launch of a new state of the art website, we look to raise the bar on what it means to be a part of something bigger as we further what it means to be better together through TMA.


As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today.  In the one connection that is you, your input is critical, your contributions paramount, and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all our members.


Until next time, I’m Scott Stuart Be safe, resilient, and TMA Proud.