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CEO Speaks Transcript 10.15.22

Happy Saturday and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday October 15, 2022.


It starts with one connection, and the stories of those connections is what defines us at TMA in so many important ways. As we ready ourselves for the Annual in Boston just over two weeks away, I want to share a few stories of the connections that I and others have made through TMA.


Let’s start with that one connection that is Ken Frieze, CEO of Gordon Brothers who along with his one connection that is the ever TMA evangelist Sheila Smith, now Senior Advisor to Gordon Brothers, connected a decade ago as co-chairs of one of TMA’s biggest and best conference in Boston (which we all know this year’s Annual will rival). The one connection that is Jamie Edmonson of Robinson and Cole, a Philadelphia/Wilmington member, and me, the one connection Jamie attributes to her early connection to TMA.


There’s the deal connection as told by TMA Florida President Lilies Lanway, who in speaking about her one connecting speaks about the confidence and trust she finds in TMA members which when she needed to get a piece of a deal done looked to the connections that comprise of our diverse professionals to get it done, a testament to the deal connection power of that one connection through TMA.


Then there’s the story of TMA UK member Maria Pombo, who when in attendance at a UK program, connected with UK member and EACTP board member Simon Jones, creating a relationship that has now brought Maria to the zenith of leadership in EACTP.  Maria attributes her one TMA connection that has grown into many connections strong, to her career being advanced in a defining way.


There’s the connection today that talks to the story that is TMA Tomorrow. Like the one connection that is Cristina Gomez Clark who because her TMA connection with TMA Mexico President Floris Iking, has now embarked on the formation of a Colombia chapter, not only a testament of that one connection but the growth of our Latin America presence. Whether fraternal, professional, international or getting a deal done, that one connection is the connection that supports, energize and creates the trusted relationships we rely on and build upon all through TMA. We are built on connections and every TMA member has a story. Like Jill Kirshenbaum, Chicagoland member from Briar Capital, who speaks about the connection she made at a prior Annual connected with Jeff Van Sickle who because of that one connection has brought her to where in her career she is today.


It is truly energizing to hear the one connection stories that are the buzz of our great organization, creating every facet of meaningful relationships that define who we are and what we represent the world over. From student members to luminaries, that one connection leads to a galaxy of connections and the stories I just shared are but a small example to the power of the connections that people have made exclusively through TMA.


On November 1st we will convene in Boston and that one connection that is you will gather with the already 700 that will be together to show how impactful all our connections can be. Like the connections being made in Chile, who just this week became our 55th TMA Chapter and under the leadership of Ernesto Solis is now connected with chapters in our fastest growing part of the world.  Welcome TMA Chile, and the beginning of a connected journey that promises to make you and your members TMA proud.


In just two weeks, we will welcome the world to Boston and that one connection that starts with you will shine bright at the many opportunities to connect socially, intellectually and through the diversity of who we are. With many first timers in attend at this Annual, this will be a special opportunity to connect anew, together we will create the next chapter of our individual and collective TMA story.


Get ready for all we have to offer and the opportunity to experience TMA at its very best in unique and defining ways, from a keynote extraordinaire in Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin, to a celebration of our chapter, individual and turnaround and transaction award recipients. We will laugh with late night comedy and learn from some of the most important professionals in our industry. We will walk the freedom trail and the sacred hallows of Fenway Park. And we will close with a celebration at the Kennedy Presidential Library, a fitting close to a regal, festive, impactful, and connected week. If you will be in Boston, and we’ve not yet met, please find me so you can be my next connection too.


As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of Innovation through Disruption, your input is critical, your contributions paramount and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all our members.


Thanks for taking the time to listen today. Until next time, I’m Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient and TMA Proud.