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CEO Speaks Transcript 11.12.22

Happy Saturday and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday, November 12, 2022.


If you were there you felt it. If you were not, you undoubtedly heard about it, saw it on social media or have been touched by someone who was at the grandest event of TMA this year.


Of course, I am talking about TMA Annual, that one connection that became so many connections strong. A week of connections made, connectivity reinforced and the gravitas of TMA growing stronger.


It was a week that dazzled and delighted with so many outstanding, memorable, and groundbreaking moments.


While many connections may have been made in the Wicked Awesome Attendee Lounge, there was no shortage of ways to connect, learn and celebrate everything TMA.


Opening the main conference day, we introduced twelve TMA members in pairs of two, to the main stage to tell their one connection stories made through TMA.


Starting with TMA Global President Jane Mitnick, and her one connection TMA Executive Board member Sally Barton, the essence of our organization came to life, and the theme of our conference did too.


So many connections were made, so much goodwill created and the importance of being a member of TMA reinforced many times over.


Everywhere you looked new connections were being made. Like the one connection I made through and introduction by Robert Katz, who supported the attendance of newcomer Majeed Musah, a first-time attendee, now making his way into the restructuring world through TMA.


There’s the one connection story of Rachel Hersh of Prestige Capital who in a social media post called out the people she connected with including Brandon Savino, Vance McClenton, Peter Bendoris, Jill Kirshenbaum, Rachel Mauceri, Katie DeCoste and Chris Draper and that was all on day one of the conference.


Teams of connections making connections were common too as was the case with Gowling WLG’s David Cohen who along with Thomas Gertner, Kelby Carter and Genevieve Cloutier evangelized about that one connection, our big tent and being TMA proud.


And those who took that one connection to the next level like Jennifer Faubion, really says it all. Jennifer, a TMA annual Committee member, hosted and moderated a panel on the future of big data in bankruptcy, and was recognized with Shelly Crocker, Corey Casper and Brett Amron, the recipients of the Turnaround of the Year Award for Access to advanced Health Institute.


Carol Flack shared that TMA Bootcamp live at Annual was ‘Full of practical experience, on how to assist distressed companies. Time well spent, she said and with a gracious shout out to instructors, Matthew English, CTP, Brian Gleason, CTP, Michael Von Lehman, CTP, Frank Turner, CTP, Rachael Smiley, Rachel Mauceri, Mary Jo Heston, and Heidi Sorvino—-all TMA connected, and now TMA mentoring too.


Education connected people from all over the world, and our international panel, led by our International VP, Vlad Nastase, CTP, featured participants from Brazil, USA, Italy, and Indonesia.


The women of NOW lead by Rakhee Patel and Anne O’Donnell, again redefined empowerment, allyship and hardship too.


In a first of its kind DE&I program and workshop, the brain trust of Camisha Simmons and Jennifer Stam, in a room that looked, felt and was truly diverse, it was clear that although we have a long way to go, DE&I has greatly advanced, and the future for all of us, no matter who we are looks bright TMA .


Pulitzer Prize winning historian, author and American treasure, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s keynote captivated everyone in attendance with the stories she shared of historical lessons learned from times of democracy in peril, and the outpouring on social media about the presentation is still buzzing even now.


The Annual concluded in grand fashion just as it started with a spectacular celebration at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, sponsored by Hilco Global, where in the regal setting of history we all experienced history, made history, and shared that one connection that started in Boston just a few days ago.


In the words of TMA Global President Jane Mitnick, ‘The dust is beginning to settle, but the buzz continues from this week’s TMA Annual. This conference was a good as it gets. Thanks to all the attendees for joining us and sharing in so much connectivity.’


I could not agree more. And if you haven’t yet shared your one connection story, we hope you will so you can be part of the conversation that makes us better together and TMA proud.


As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of Innovation through Disruption, your input is critical, your contributions paramount and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all our members.


Until next time, I’m Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient, and TMA Proud.