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CEO Speaks Transcript 12.3.22

Happy Saturday, and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday December 3, 2022.


The last several weeks have put a defining spotlight on that one connection that are the many international connections that define TMA.


Everywhere you look in the world, there is something defining about TMA to behold—from a tremendously successful Annual in Boston, where international representation from Europe, Africa, and South America joined in our celebration of connectivity to the TMA Europe tour that immediately followed, highlighting the depth and reach of TMA and what it means to be a part of our defining organization.


Starting in Milan, Italy, where TMA Italia graciously hosted Global President Jane Mitnick and me, the uniqueness and creativity of TMA shined bright.


Hosting their chapter conference in an Innovation Lab in Milan, leaders Roger Olivieri and Enrica Maria Ghia, along with an eclectic mix of speakers and participants from all around Italy and Europe, were treated to thought-provoking, real-time programming that transcended our profession. Just like the innovative setting we were in, all were treated to practical discussions and frank talks on issues like ”From COVID 19 Pandemic to Resource Shortages, How Do Companies React?”.


Innovative, practical, and real. That is the face of TMA, and TMA Italia certainly led the way as we began our TMA 2022 European Tour.


From Italy to Frankfurt, Germany, we went, where our global delegation was treated to one of two groundbreaking events of the week.


First, just ahead of the opening of the TMA Deutschland Annual Conference, TMA Europe President Eva Ringelspacher brought together the women of TMA Germany for a motivating fireside chat with TMA Global President Janey Mitnick--two defining women leaders sharing their professional journeys, brought together and made better because of the people, power, and their presence in TMA.


And the power of professional infinity did not stop there. The practical and real were front and center at the TMA Deutschland Annual Conference, where Global President Janey Mitnick, Immediate Past Chair Derek Meek, and I saw this chapter embrace actionable topics on real-time topics vetted, discussed, and shared.


Like the Expert Working Group on Restructuring Consulting, a deep dive discussion of ESG and current developments in the restructuring environment featuring Dr. Gerd (Winni) Sievers, Dr. Rainer Bizenberger, and Rudiger Wolf.


In another marquis display of comprador and connectivity, it was a privilege to participate in the multifaceted experiences our German chapter created, and we are grateful to Chapter President Oliver Kehren, TMA Germany board member and TMA Europe President Eva Ringelspacher, and those leaders and members of the chapter who embraced us on our visit and showed us the care and quality they put into programs to elevate the experience of connecting, learning, and coming together through TMA.


From Frankfurt to Paris our delegation next went, where TMA Global Chair Matthew English, CTP and TMA Incoming Global President Jim Van Horn joined us for what is now an annual tradition in what we term the “Paris Summit,” and, true to the innovative and forward-thinking organization we are, another inaugural event, too.


Ahead of the start of the third annual Paris Summit, and a gathering of our Europe Representation Committee and Europe chapter presidents, through the efforts of TMA Europe President Eva Ringelspacher, we were treated to the Inaugural TMA Europe NOW Breakfast event, celebrating women’s empowerment and the accomplishments of a group of distinguished women who shared stories of creativity, utilizing entrepreneurship, lessons learned from involvement in high-level sports, ESG-compliant investments, and more as part of their journey in the world of corporate restructuring.


Reveling in the bright light of all this excellent programming, the stage was next set for the hard and rewarding work of the day, with the meeting of the TMA Europe Representation Committee and chapter presidents, who at this third annual Paris Summit did a deep dive assessment of the state of our organization and how we can continue to build on the momentum and strength of TMA throughout Europe and the world.


This TMA tradition brought together presidents of our 15 European chapters in a day of thought leadership and connectivity, which in this first year following adoption of new TMA Europe bylaws and reformation of our Europe representation committee, brought to the forefront a vision for our future and how, together, we will build on the strength of our defining and essential organization.


Thanks for the engagement, support, and leadership of TMA Europe Representation Committee leaders Eva Ringelspacher, Rashmi Dube, Carlos Mack, Vlad Nastase, CTP, Anna Nolan, and Tyrone Courtman and of Chapter Presidents Paul Davies, Dr. Roger Bischof, Ivana Matic, Petr Smutny, Oliver Kehren, Roger Olivieri, Javier Rubio, Andreas Pleninger, and Ane Ahnger for your support and participation in this important thought leadership day that sets the stage for the many TMA opportunities that lie ahead for our European community of TMA members. Also, to Helen Jacobi, TMA Europe’s General Manager, a shoutout and accolades for organizing all of these important meetings and managing to keep the TMA Europe train moving as you do.


And a very special thank you to TMA France President John Lloyd, who along with his TMA strong, determined, and thoughtful leaders and members continues to build their important presence in Europe and, as hosts of the Paris Summit, so graciously welcomed our TMA global delegation, European leadership, and in a grand end to a grand day, hosted a gala event that brought together those many connections that highlight what makes us better together and TMA proud.


This TMA Europe Tour concluded as spectacularly as it started, with our global delegation participating in the Annual TMA UK Conference, where a full house of attendees celebrated learnings, connectivity, and the UK Chapter being recognized as TMA International Chapter of the Year.


The words of TMA UK President Paul Davies best sum up the highlights of a week of sheer TMA magic and delight:


”What a fantastic week with TMA UK. It started in Paris with the TMA Europe Chapter Presidents meeting and then an excellent cocktail dinner, with thanks to John Lloyd and TMA France for the kind invite.


A quick trip back to the UK for an excellent sponsors’ and speakers’ dinner, followed by another sold out and hugely successful UK Conference, with thanks to Andrew Pepper and the rest of the Conference Committee for putting on such a great event.”


While Europe was our physical destination these last few weeks, there is still much to share from all around TMA Nation, including a gala TMA Australia Conference and one in Brazil, too. There was a groundbreaking gala program hosted by TMA Mexico and defining chapter programs in Chile, Switzerland, and Turkey, all of which you can learn more about on social media and in our TMA Weekly Report, and which I will share about as well in the coming weeks.


Suffice it to say that our organization is actionable, inspirational, and creative, connecting one member with many others through our network of 55 chapters that, day in and day out, show unquestionably why TMA is the leading organization in the corporate reorganization, restructuring, and corporate health space worldwide.


As I reflect on the last few weeks, and the splendor of the immersive experience I along with TMA Global leadership had in Europe on our multichapter visit, I am awe-inspired by the collective goodwill, connectivity, and support of our organization in so many defining ways and grateful beyond words for the gracious hospitality of our leaders and members and the authentic energy, enthusiasm, and support of TMA I witnessed all along the way. It is heartwarming to see and elevating to me and others who embrace this mission with passion, fortitude, and a promise to keep the TMA light and solid as we continue our story of TMA Tomorrow.


It starts with one connection, and in a world where you are part of something bigger, that one connection in you brings us together in ways that allow us to be better professionals, friends, and colleagues while appreciating each other for the specialness of our respective cultures as we thrive in this big tent that is TMA.


As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In the one connection that is you, your input is critical, your contributions paramount, and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all of our members.


Until next time, I’m Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient, and TMA Proud.