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CEO Speaks Transcript 4.30.22

Happy Saturday and welcome to CEO speaks on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Connectivity is at the core of everything TMA, and from what we learned in the virtual world during the pandemic, we are now taking to live events. As many of you have heard me say, one of the great distinguishing features of our organization is the opportunity to take advantage of the great networking and educational programs available in every chapter and region worldwide. It may have taken a pandemic, the advent of the adoption of zoom, and much creativity to assure member value at a difficult time. But when our members started to avail themselves of the many opportunities to learn, connect and build bonds around the world, they did, and then something extraordinary happened. Those who experienced connectivity virtually from places they've never experienced before ventured out to chapter events, not just in their own regions but around the country and the world, like last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the Rocky Mountain chapter five states strong launched its first annual New Mexico kickoff networking event and a display of leadership that saw the future and embraced it. These chapter leaders charted a new course in a new state that not only attracted tried and trued members from the Rocky Mountain region and prospective members from New Mexico but members from the Midwest and east coast too, and when global chair TMA Global Chair Matthew English, CTP (TMA Northern California) and I had the chance to ask attendees who made a new connection at this event, all hands went up, and at that moment, the room erupted in a positive vibe that endorsed the power of being part of TMA, kudos to Chapter President Sean Smith, CTP (TMA Northern Ohio) President-Elect and committee member Joe Richman (TMA Rocky Mountain) as well as committee members Andrew M Rieke (TMA Rocky Mountain), Louise Brown, Chapter ExecutiveCraig Dill (TMA Rocky Mountain) and Jay Wefel (TMA Rocky Mountain) on this tremendous effort.

Speaking of connectivity, on the heels of my Rocky Mountain high, TMA Global President Jane Mitnick (TMA New Jersey) and I joined 200 of our members at the always popular Mid America regional conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a great display of commitment and camaraderie on a Sunday night. Nearly 80 of the conference attendees from the TMA Chicago Midwest, West Michigan, Minnesota, and Detroit chapters met for a pre-conference dinner celebration and a collaboration of networking, happiness, and just good old times with great food, friends, and colleagues. The conference co-chaired by Kathleen Parker (TMA Chicago Midwest), Michael Rosow (TMA Minnesota), and John Trendell (TMA Detroit) had something for everyone in excellent TMA fashion, education TED talks, a capital forum showcase, and standout keynotes, all in addition to two days of many gala networking opportunities in a host city that did not disappoint.

One standout moment was the time spent with the following NextGen members, which motivated and invigorated me so very much that the future of TMA is bright because of the engagement, connectivity, and commitment of these young women and men. And I'd like to mention them by name, so you know their names as they ascend to roles in their chapters and globally. Kathleen Parker (TMA Chicago Midwest), William Bence, Jack O’Connor (TMA Chicago/Midwest), Ian Rubenstrunk (TMA Minnesota)Florian Matena (TMA Detroit), Jamie Cote (TMA Chicago/Midwest), Dan Osterhout (TMA Chicago/Midwest)Victor Verazain (TMA Detroit), Paige Demkowicz (TMA Chicago/Midwest),
Alexander Engelhardt,  Hudson Hoataling (TMA Chicago/Midwest)Jennifer Kempton (TMA Chicago/Midwest)Andrew Valko (TMA Chicago/Midwest), and James Gaylor (TMA Chicago/Midwest). Thank you all for your engagement; you make us TMA proud. Next up will be the TMA National Organization of Women's Summit in Austin, Texas, on May 10. On this day of empowerment and celebration of the outstanding women of TMA, there will be much to share, and always celebrate a standout conference; it will be a pleasure and honor to learn, share and connect with these women from throughout the world who will pave the way for a more inclusive future for our profession and organization. Energy, excitement, commitment, and connectivity abound. And we are Better Together for all those who create engaging, connect through TMA and have done and continue to empower who we are and what we represent to each other. For that, I am grateful and proud. As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of innovation through disruption. Your input is critical. Your contribution is paramount, and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all of our members. Until next time, I'm Scott Stewart. Be safe, resilient, and make friends