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CEO Speaks Transcript 7.23.22

Happy Saturday, and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday, July 23, 2022.

The sizzle of summer is a happy time, and in TMA Nation these last two weeks, a celebration of two of our most impactful groups, NextGen and NOW, took center stage.

This year, TMA held its NextGen Leadership Conference in New York City , and the big apple did not disappoint.

It all started even before its official start with our first ever in person TMA Bootcamp lead by Certification Oversight Committee President Brian Gleason, CTP and Chair Michael Von Lehman, CTP, bringing together 25 NextGen members for a day of learning and the start of their journey that for some will one day culminate in becoming a Certified Turnaround Professional.

Following that, a kickoff event hosted by the TMA New York City Chapter brought together nearly 150 members for an evening sail down New York Harbor, on a sunset cruise that included global leaders: TMA Global President Janey Mitnick, TMA VP of Conferences Rachael Smiley, NYC chapter leaders and NextGen leaders and members from around the world.

The conference day itself had it all. From networking bingo (which I have to say was pretty tricky and tough but a great way to make new connections) organized by Reggie Sanival and Asim Iqbal, to smart and timely programming on topics that included ESG investing moderated by Joe Richman, a Texas Two Step Panel moderated by Rob Trenk, and a stand out panel on "Why NextGeners should look to MBE’s for Deal Flow" moderated by Patrick Bellot, every aspect of the NextGen Leadership Conference day shined bright and all who participated made it so. 

This NextGen conference experience welcomed members from 20 chapters, with 63 first time attendees including Fillipo Bosazzi and Eugenio Bignami from our TMA Italia Chapter

I echo the social media post of NextGen leader Roger Maldonado, in a well deserved shout out to TMA Global NextGen co-chairs Jack O’Connor and Taurat Hossain for leading the NGLC steering committee in planning this successful NYC gathering.

It starts with one connection and when I asked those in attendance at this conference who made a new connection, virtually every hand in that packed conference room raised up. This is better together. This is TMA proud!

From NYC to Chicago, TMA Global President Jane Mitnick and I went where the TMA Chicago/Midwest Chapter hosted its premier Network of Women (NOW) marquee event featuring New York Times Best Selling Author of "Woman on Fire," Lisa Barr.

And in true TMA fashion, the women of the Chicago/Midwest Chapter pivoted with purposes when the keynote speaker’s husband tested positive for COVID and she could not appear at this highly touted event.

This however did not deter from the night which became a networking rooftop gala full of feel great connectivity, the support from a core group of men, and deep emotion as together we celebrated the power of support of the TMA family for those affected by the July 4th Highland Park mass shooting.

I am wowed by the inspirational leadership of Sue Burke and Jill Kirshinbaum on this connected and joyful event, and TMA Chicago/Midwest NOW leaders Krystal Mikkilleni, Alyssa Butler and Jessica Marek, who along with the Marquee Dinner Committee put so much forethought and effort into making this another stand out and defining TMA opportunity.

Everywhere I go in TMA Nation, I am privileged to experience the power of connectivity, those who are ignited when they make that first connection that sets them on a trail of TMA opportunity that will last a professional lifetime, and how in times of personal need we are a family not just of professionals but friends who make our lives better because we are very much better together.

Our pipeline of TMA leadership is strong and I invite those who want to start that Global journey to self nominate for TMA board or committee role. Nominations are open through July 29th and whether you gravitate to NextGen or NOW, a committee or board role, take that next step and join a global journey, because that journey, your journey will keep us vital, vibrant and TMA Proud.

As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of Innovation through Disruption, your input is critical, your contributions paramount and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all of our members.

Until next time, I’m Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient and TMA Proud.