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CEO Speaks Transcript, April 2, 2022

TMA CEO Scott Y. Stuart

Live from the Orlando International Airport fresh off of the 12th Annual TMA Florida Chapter Conference and on very long flight delay, Happy Saturday, and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday, April 2, 2022.

These last two weeks in TMA Nation can only be described as vibrant, and it's been a privilege traveling and zooming about along with TMA Global President Jane Mitnick to experience the energy, exuberance, creativity, and connectivity that is defining the rhythm of TMA.

Starting with my first visit to TMA West Michigan, I was graciously welcomed by Chapter President Gregory Guest and others from the west Michigan board. Anchored in Grand Rapids, MI, the leaders and members of this tried and true Midwest chapter are a testament to so much of what makes TMA the stand-out organization it is. 

In an example of smart, timely, and interesting programming, I had the opportunity to participate at the chapter's 'Big Short' program series with this session focused on commodities and changes to the markets over the last two years. With a member retention rate of over 80% and some of the strongest sponsor support system-wide, this chapter stands out for how it supports its members and the professional relationships built through TMA.

Following my West Michigan visit, I headed to the Big Apple to partake in a groundbreaking TMA New York City NextGen networking social that not only brought together current NextGen members but prospective members and student members too.

What an awesome display of camaraderie and connectivity, drawing an eclectic and diverse mix of people and professionals not just from TMA New York City but from several other Northeast and Mid-Atlantic chapters too.

And in a moment that truly captured the essence of the night (which the essence to some may more so have been Villa Nova's defeat of Michigan in the NCAA tournament), when asked by a prospective new member who inquired about what it means to be a member of TMA, after thoughtful introspection, I answered by saying:

The TMA journey is what it means to you. That may mean attending an event like the one you are at tonight. It may be about attending a global or regional event, or it may be about elevated volunteerism.

There are no exactitudes or expectations of you as you start your TMA journey. It's about the optionality of all we can offer, the experience you create, and the support you will always have because of the connections you make and the trusted relationships you build. This is our story of what it means to be a member of TMA.

A huge shout out to Taraut Hossain, Kathleen Aiello, and Robert Trenk, three outstanding NextGen leaders who spearheaded this creative and connected event, 90 participants strong. Nothing says better together than what these young leaders created last week, raising the bar and bringing clarity to the bright future that lies ahead for the NextGen members of TMA.

As the TMA Chapter tour continued, TMA Global President Janey Mitnick and I participated in the 12 Annual TMA Florida Chapter Conference held in Orlando, Fl, this week, where 100 members from all over TMA Nation were treated to two days of standout networking and educational opportunities.

And what a privilege and honor to have been treated to a keynote presentation by Congressional Medal of Honor and New York Times Best Selling Author, Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha, who captivated our members with his real-life lessons of leadership, selflessness, and heroism; that was truly food for the soul.

This is the kind of creativity and thought-provoking programming is why we stand out and what makes us ever more relevant and TMA strong.

Huge kudos to Chapter President Lilies Lanway, President-elect David Weinstein, and conference committee, and board members Christopher Pizzo, Marius Dobren, Thomas Beane, Mike Fussell, Ken Yager, and Robert Folland for a job well done. You exemplify volunteer excellence and truly make us TMA proud.

And to all the leaders of TMA Florida, you set the standard on so many levels and continue to find ways to create member value that shines so bright all throughout TMA nation. One need only look to the 25% growth of the chapter this last year to know that these committed volunteers have made a difference as the chapter continues to expand and grow. Thanks to you all.

And finally, this week, TMA Global President Janey Mitnick and I had the privilege to zoom into Istanbul, Turkey, where one of our newest chapters, TMA Turkey held their first chapter summit. In an example of TMA excellence, this young chapter has already made its mark as a connected and committed member of the TMA Big Tent. 

Many thanks to TMA Turkey leaders Hasan Tengiz and Onder Yilmaz for your commitment to TMA and for helping to make the international power of the TMA brand strong.

The energy of our organization is motivating and intoxicating, and in these early weeks of spring, all that I've shared is just the start of many wonderful opportunities that are yet to come, and I hope you too will experience and all take part in. It is our time, and there is no day like today to engage and be part of TMA.

As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of Innovation through Disruption, your input is critical, your contributions paramount, and your engagement the foundation that will create a better TMA for all of our members.

Until next time, I'm Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient, and TMA Proud.