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CEO Speaks Transcript December 28, 2021

Happy Saturday and welcome to CEO speaks for Saturday, December 18, 2021. There are many words to describe this past year tumultuous, unpredictable, erratic and challenging. But the word I choose to describe this TMA year is grateful and grateful for a year where our leaders and members stepped up and stepped out to show how we can and indeed did defy gravity flew above the fray and created a world of opportunity that has not only become the model for industry excellence but the standard that others are imitating and following. I am grateful for how we've managed disruption innovated by creating a new model and a more empowered brand and more seamlessly found a path of connectivity showcasing the professional diversity we so profoundly boast to create the force of nature born in the sheer joy of your volunteerism and engagement. For this, I am grateful. I am also grateful to the members of the TMA executive board who so graciously gave of their time to redefine reimagine and reignite in their roles as leaders. So today, keeping this last CEO speaks of 2021 over the light, I want to celebrate with you and for you in rhyme the tale of the 2021 Tma executive board and what they have done to motivate and invigorate our leaders and members worldwide. As our year of great challenges comes to an end we recall how we excelled from beginning to end, as leaders stood together stood firm and stood tall and who are these great leaders who created something special for one and all.