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CEO Speaks Transcript, January 29, 2022

Scott Stuart  
Happy Saturday, and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday, January 29, 2022. The freshness, excitement, and momentum of a new year in an actionable organization is something to marvel at, and I do. With a new president, Jane Mitnick, our year of innovation through disruption has already taken flight. In just two weeks, we will convene our first in-person Board of Trustees and executive board meeting of the year in conjunction with the 2022 Distressed Investing Conference, where we will kick off the start of our strategic planning, and our global President will speak to the governance Task Force, she has created an integral part of a new TMA strategic plan. In the coming weeks, there will be a great buzz about our 2022 global committees, and they will soon take on the task at hand to keep this actionable organization moving forward in new and fresh ways. At this year's distressed investing conference, we will again raise the bar on education and networking and disrupt in new ways there. For example, Certification Oversight Committee President Brian Gleason will welcome our Certified Turnaround Professionals and those who aspire to take on this coveted opportunity at a reception and program to give these professionals, and this credential, a spotlight like never before.

Our Chapter President's Council meeting, which will be led by CPC Co-Chair Rob Patrick will bring together nearly 35 Chapter Presidents from all throughout TMA nation who will gather to support each other in the face of the ever-changing landscape of our organization and profession, as we continue to connect and create opportunities across chapters in new and defining ways. 

We will welcome many international members and have first-time participation from members of the new TMA Nigeria and Turkey chapters who will journey to Las Vegas along with several of our European members. Together we will join these international members with our first-time conference attendees at a reception designed to elevate the connected experience of what it means to be a TMA member. Our Turnaround Capital Forum and Networking Reception will not only include private equity participants but, for the first time, firms from the ABL community. 

With over 600 in-person registrants Las Vegas, Nevada will be the place to be on February 9 when we start this TMA year in grand fashion and define an innovative path forward with our leaders and members of #TMATomorrow at hand. And while all eyes are on the Distressed Investing Conference, there is much more to share from all around TMA nation. Last week, I had the privilege of gathering with our Milwaukee members of the TMA Chicago Midwest chapter who, after a two-year hiatus, celebrated TMA togetherness with members and leaders from all throughout the Midwest in a display of how we are better together in this big tent, led by Neil Aaronson, Bill Farrar, Ben Woodward, Katie Mason, Sarah McNamara, and Erin West. These leaders and members have charted a course for a year of great opportunity and great promise in this year of innovation through disruption. Overseas, our TMA Europe representation committee kicked off each year with a wave of participation that is surely going to define and disrupt all throughout Europe, and the world was President David Bryan and President-Elect Eva Ringelspacher at the helm. A great year for our European chapters is already taking hold. Planning has already begun for the TMA Eastern European conference, which TMA global international vice president and former TMA Romania presidents Vlad Nastase and Catalin Nichifor are leading the charge, which will culminate in a grand opportunity in Bucharest, Romania, come March. Not long after, in June, TMA, Europe will hold its annual conference in Madrid, Spain, and with several new European chapters having joined our big tent that too will disrupt in new and exciting ways. TMA nation is on a roll and the value of being a member of our organization is constantly on the rise with historically high member retention. Our members not only see the value in being part of TMA, but even in a time where restructuring work may be temporarily slow, the trusted relationships our members build, maintain, sustain and grow through TMA is a constant that makes our organization thrive. As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of innovation through disruption. your input is critical, your contributions paramount and your engagement is the foundation that will create a better TMA for all of our members. 

Until next time, I'm Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient, and #TMAproud