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CEO Speaks Transcript, March 19, 2022

Scott Stuart


Happy Saturday and welcome to CEO Speaks for Saturday, March 19 2022. These last two weeks really put a spotlight on the depth and magnitude of thought leadership /and volunteer engagement at TMA, from committee engagement to participation in groundbreaking programs. This is an organization in motion every day. Take for starters, the TMA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee led by former TMA Toronto President Jenny Stam, who ran kick off call with committee members last week and created a collective experience that spoke to the groundwork laid in 2021 and all that we can achieve as an organization as we continue to support this important effort and be better together for all that is yet to come in 2022.

From there, I had the pleasure of spending time with the women of TMA Now Chicago/Midwest, who in this International Women's Month, gathered ahead of the TMA Chicago/Midwest’s signature martini networking social in a display of support and leadership that is at the very core of what it means to be part of TMA. These incredibly engaged women took the time to connect, share, engage, and showed how we are all better together for how they lead by example, and mentor each other in an empowering and defining way. Having had the pleasure of spending time with TMA Chicago/Midwest President Elect Kat Parker, and Sue Burke, who serves as the TMA Chicago/Midwest Now Chair, as well as Chair of the TMA Global Finance Committee and President Elect of the TMA Global Certification Oversight Committee amongst other women. This demonstrates the standout power of the women of TMA.And speaking of TMA NOW, registration is open for the TMA NOW Conference, which will be held on May 10 in Austin,Texas, and it is a conference experience you will not want to miss. Check it out at turnaround.org and register today in this year of innovation through disruption.

In a groundbreaking program that took member engagement and connectivity to the next level, TMA Detroit, TMA Germany, and TMA Chicago/Midwest brought together over 300 participants in a first-of-its-kind cross-border panel addressing issues facing the automotive industry, followed by a networking power hour that brought together members from all across North America and Europe. Going above and beyond, the creators of this program even reached out beyond the borders of TMA nation to those in the automotive industry, showing those industry professionals how the people, power, and thought leadership of our leaders and members is important and impactful in many unique and defining ways. What a terrific display of creativity, a thought-provoking program, and a connected networking experience created and supported by the standout members and leaders of three chapters, including TMA Chicago/Midwest member Jason Edelson, the brain trust of the original Power Hour now having grown to something so much more, and the support and collective efforts of those who drove this groundbreaking effort so successfully, including TMA Chicago/Midwest President Michael Brandess, TMA Europe president-elect and TMA Germany board member Eva Ringerspacher, as well as Scott Anderson, Leah Gistenson, Paul Musa, Marc Swanson, Matt Camp, and Katharina Weimer. This is what it means to be better together, to see the future and bring it to life, and to bring to the forefront the world of opportunities only available through TMA. This is what it means to be an organization in motion. This is what makes us all TMA Proud, and further displays how we are better together and innovating all over the world.

TMA Global President Janey Mitnick and I zoomed around the world spending time with the leaders of our Southern Africa chapter. Now over 250 members strong, our Singapore chapter is ready to relaunch and support the professionals of Southeast Asia with an arsenal of global tools and the TMA brand at their side. The TMA Australia chapter, our largest international chapter, continues to advance its education and certification efforts, support and involve its leaders in legislative and regulatory issues critical to the professionals of the region, and build a grand conference experience in the chapters 20th year that will draw professionals not just from Australia, but around the world.

This is brand power of TMA, growing stronger, brighter, and more defining in nearly every continent in the world. And to round out these last two weeks of so much that was defining and dynamic for TMA Janey Mitnick's Presidential Governance Task Force met in person at TMA World headquarters, where some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable TMA leaders began the hard work of a review of our bylaws and governance structure. Many thanks to former global chairs Milly Chow, Jeffrey Hampton, the Honorable Mary Jo Heston, former Chapter President John Baumgartner, Janine Figuerido, and Ed Phillips as well as TMA Atlanta Board Member and governance expert Mark Sullivan for being the disruptors who are integral to building a stronger organization for those who are members today.

And for the members and leaders of TMA tomorrow, I know like me, you feel the electricity that these highlights in the last two weeks mean to the members of TMA. We are actionable in real-time in real ways that make a difference. Support our members and create new opportunities that bring us closer together, make us better together and stand together, TMA Proud. As always, thanks for taking the time to listen today. In this year of innovation through disruption. Your input is critical, your contributions paramount and your engagement, the foundation that will create a better TMA for all of our members. Until next time, I'm Scott Stuart. Be safe, resilient, and TMA proud.