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In a highly scrutinized profession, the Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) and Certified Turnaround Analyst (CTA) distinctions are objective measures that show the holder has the experience, knowledge, and integrity necessary to conduct corporate renewal work.

Why Become Certified

Hire a CTP or a CTA

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Pay Certification Dues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certification FAQs

1. What is the CTA? 
2. What is the CTP? 
3. Why should I apply for the CTA or CTP? 
4. How long will my certification be valid? 
5. I don't have the required experience. Can I still get certified? 

Application Process FAQs

1. Are there deadlines for the application? 
2. How do I complete the application? 
3. What is the process of approval of the CTA and CTP?
4. Is a summary of the books available for review (table of contents)?
5. Are excerpts of the book available for review?

Exam FAQs

1. What is the format of the certification exam? 
2. How many questions will be on the exam? 
3. Are there example questions that I can review? 
4. What may I have during the exam?
6. Can I get a detailed report of my exam answers? 

Have you already completed the certification process? TMA encourages you to provide feedback.


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2018 TMA NOW Summit

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