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Body of Knowledge

About the Books

TMA, in conjunction with university faculty and industry practitioners, has developed three newly refreshed Body of Knowledge books – Accounting and Finance, Legal Principles, and Management – to help individuals understand important practices, concepts, and theories as they relate to the turnaround profession.

To view each book's Table of Contents, click below:
Accounting and Finance
Legal Principles

The books are valuable tools for helping you apply the principles of corporate renewal to real-world situations and will allow you to increase your skill set. Practitioners have found them useful for expanding their knowledge base and gaining a professional edge within a competitive industry. The Body of Knowledge deserves a place in your professional library as an important reference no matter your career stage. 

TMA's Body of Knowledge books may be purchased individually or as part of a package that includes both their digital version, along with registration for the corresponding exam. Additionally, candidates who wish to purchase all of their materials at once may do so and receive a substantial discount. Check out our packages below, or view all the Body of Knowledge products in our catalog.

Body of Knowledge Digital Packages

Accounting and Finance Digital Certification Bundle

  • Includes the digital version of the Accounting and Finance Body of Knowledge and your exam registration.
  • Only $439 -- save 20% by bundling

Legal Principles Digital Certification Bundle

  • Includes the digital version of the Legal Principles Body of Knowledge and your exam registration.
  • Only $439 -- save 20% by bundling

Management Digital Certification Bundle

  • Includes the digital version of the Management Body of Knowledge and your exam registration.
  • Only $439 -- save 20% by bundling

Digital Body of Knowledge books and Certification Exam Bundle

  • Includes the digital versions of all three Body of Knowledge books and all three exam registrations.
  • Now $1,299 -- a 20% savings over the individual product price

Complete Set of all three volumes: Accounting and Finance, Legal Principles, and Management

  • $359 for the digital version


A la Carte

Accounting and Finance Body of Knowledge
  • $149 for the digital version

Legal Principles Body of Knowledge

  • $149 for the digital version

Management Body of Knowledge

  • $149 for the digital version


Have you already purchased the Body of Knowledge digital version?  Access your digital BOK purchase from our member portal at my.turnaround.org under "My Downloads."