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CTP Industry Veteran

Those applying for the Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) designation as an Industry Veteran are able to bypass the three Certification Exams through a demonstration of experience. To obtain this status, you must have amassed at least 12 years of turnaround experience including five or more years at a senior leadership position. Please follow the steps below and utilize the documents provided to allow for exemption from the Certification Exams.


  1. Submission of the Qualifications Statement

    A statement outlining the candidate’s turnaround experience, which will be used by the Standards Subcommittee to determine if one qualifies for Industry Veteran status.

  2. Submission of the CTP Application and Application Fee

    Application Fee in the amount of $295 may be submitted via check made payable to Turnaround Management Association or credit card.

  3. Submission of a Transcript or Diploma

    Official transcript or diploma from college/university not required, a copy may be provided instead.

  4. Request (3) three Confidential Professional References

    To be completed by representatives of distinct firms and not authored by those who provided your Position and Experience Confirmations.

  5. Request (3+) three or more Position and Experience Confirmations

    To be completed by representatives of the client from distinct engagements and not authored by those who provided your Confidential Professional References.

  6. Standards Subcommittee Review

    The Standards Subcommittee may provide feedback that the candidate needs additional experience to qualify for Industry Veteran status. The candidate may then either resubmit their application once they have obtained the prescribed experience, or they may revert to the standard CTP application process, necessitating the passing of the three knowledge exams.

    All decisions rendered by the Standards Subcommittee regarding status and eligibility will be communicated to the applicant, in writing, within six weeks of portfolio submission.


Individuals may also be nominated as an Industry Veteran candidate by colleagues within the field, if they are believed to be deserving of the credential. Under this approach, the nominator will be asked to complete the CTP Industry Veteran Nomination Form and, in doing so, provide the following information:

  • Nominee Contact Information
  • Nominator Contact Information
  • Description of the Nominee’s Turnaround Experience
  • Two Additional Professional References

Once the nomination form has been submitted, TMA Staff will examine its contents and solicit professional references directly from the two individuals listed. The entire nomination portfolio will then be presented to the Standards Subcommittee for their review, whose determination will be communicated to the nominee within six weeks. Pending a successful review, the nominee will be bestowed with the CTP designation and subject to the renewal and annual reporting policies.


The CTP designation is valid for a period of two years. Every fall, CTPs will be sent an invoice for the annual certification fee and a renewal application to be completed and submitted with updated personal and employment information. In addition to the annual renewal application and certification fee, by the end of the two-year reporting cycle, CTPs must also demonstrates compliance with the professional development requirement of 30 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, two of which must be ethics related.

Excess educational credits earned in a two-year period, up to a maximum of ten credits, may be carried over to apply towards the requirements of the next two-year period.


If you have any questions regarding the CTP Industry Veteran application or nomination process, please contact TMA Global at certification@turnaround.org or 312-578-6900.


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