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January 2023 - Barclay Damon | New NYS Laws Address LGBTQIA + Health Care Disparities

January 2023 - Barclay Damon | OMIG's Ammended Compliance Program Recommendations 

January 2023 - Barclay Damon | ADA Accessibility Lawsuits

December 2022 - Barclay Damon | Cross Border Quarterly Update

December 2022 - Barclay Damon | Red Flags That A Company May Be In Trouble, Parts 1-3

December 2022 - Barclay Damon | NYS Medicaid Audit Changes On The Horizon

December 2022 - Barclay Damon | New Law Could Negatively Impact Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals to be Fully Paid for Their Services to Patients

June 2022 - Versant Funding | The TMA Journal of Corporate Renewal, Factoring Is an Often-Overlooked Liquidity Source for Distressed Companies, by Chris Lehnes

April 2022 - Barclay Damon |CMS Issues FAQs on the No Surprises Rules

April 2022 - Barclay Damon | ADA Accessibility Lawsuits: Several New “Tester” Plaintiffs—Luigi Abreu, Denette Ligon, Aretha Crosson, Sam Wilson, and Michelle Tenzer-Fuchs—Targeting Businesses in Recent Flurry of Federal Lawsuits 

April 2022 - Barclay Damon | Saving the Basis Step-Up When Planning to Reduce Estate Taxes

April 2022 - Barclay Damon | Feeling Rejected by the Cap? Lease Rejection Damages Explained

April 2022 - Barclay Damon | More Relief May Be on the Way for Struggling Restaurants

April 2022 - Barclay Damon | ADA Accessibility Lawsuits: Federal Appellate Court Raises Bar for Serial Plaintiffs Targeting Hotels, Motels

March 2022 - Barclay Damon | NYS Executive Order 38 Sunset: NYS Agencies Begin to Repeal Regulations Governing Limits on Administrative Expenses and Executive Compensation 

March 2022 - Barclay Damon | Disclose, Disclose, Disclose: Second Circuit Reinforces Necessity of Disclosure in Bankruptcy Cases

March 2022 - Barclay Damon | NYS Department of Health Clarifies Notice Requirements for Nursing Home Establishment Applications

March 2022 - Barclay Damon | OASAS Adopts Regulatory Changes to Incident Reporting Requirements

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Subchapter Five Debt Limit Increases Set to Expire in March

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Government Relations 101: When the FBI Comes Knocking, Remain Silent

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | In Rem Tax Lien Foreclosure Sales Under Attack

February 2022 - Barclay Damon |Announcement: Barclay Damon Welcomes Andy Oppenheimer 

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Board Members Included in COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Amendment to Open Meetings Law Permits Remote Meetings by Public Bodies During COVID-19 State of Emergency

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Adopts Federal FLSA “Joint Employer” Test

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | HHS Issues New Guidance to Health Care Providers on Civil Rights Protections for People With Disabilities

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Amendment to Open Meetings Law Permits Remote Meetings by Public Bodies During COVID-19 State of Emergency

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Cyber Sip: BiWeekly LIVE Podcast on Cyber Security

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | The No Surprises Act: What Does It Mean for Covered Providers?

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Employee Benefits Webinar on February 22

February 2022 - RSM US LLP | Labor, Covid-19 and Your Business

February 2022 - Barclay Damon | Amendment to Open Meetings Law Permits Remote Meetings by Public Bodies During Covid-19 State of Emergency

January 2022 - RSM US LLP | The Infrastructure Act and the Middle Market

January 2022 - Barclay Damon | SBA Restrictions on Sale of a Non-SBA Loan

January 2022 - Barclay Damon | District Court Rejects Third-Party Releases - Overturns Confirmation of Perdue Pharma Plan

January 2022 - Barclay Damon | Unsecured Creditors' Committees: What Are They and Should You Participate

January 2022 - Barclay Damon | What Happens When Your Landlord is in Bankruptcy

December 2021 - Barclay Damon | US Department of the Treasury Proposes New Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirements

December 2021 - RSM US LLP | Looking Ahead to the 2022 Economy

November 2021 - RSM US LLP | The Profound Transformation Taking Place in America's Workforce

November 2021 - Barclay Damon | Federal Government Takes an Aggressive Stance on Money Tied to Telehealth Services

October 2021 - RSM US LLP | Supply Chain Disruptions and the Ripple Effect in the Global Economy

October 2021 - Barclay Damon | HHS OCR Issues Guidance on HIPAA and Covid-19 Vaccine Information 

September 2021 - Barclay Damon | Managing Employment Issues Through Crisis 

September 2021 - RSM US LLP | Bottlenecks in the Global Supply Chain

September 2021 - Barclay Damon | NYS Governor Hochul's COVID-19 Designation Triggers Need for HERO Act Exposure Prevention Plan Implementation 

August 2021 - RSM US LLP | The Rebirth of the Industrial Economy in the United States

July 2021 - Barclay Damon | Ransomware: You Don't Always Have To Pay - But What If You Do? 

May 2021 - Barclay Damon | Changes to the New York State Power of Attorney Law Take Effect June 13, 2021

May 2021 - Barclay Damon | COBRA Update: IRS Issues New FAQ Guidance on ARPA Premioum Subsidies & Exetended Election Period

April 2021 - Barclay Damon | Gridlock and Middleman Lobbying Cause NYS Pharmacy Benefit Manager Reforms to Fail Again in NYS Budget

February 2021 - RSM US LLP | Inflation-adjusted Interest Rates, Investment and the Middle Market

December 2020 - RSM US LLP | The Year Ahead: Resilience, Recovery and Re-Imagination 

December 2020 - Barclay Damon | What Employers Can Expect Under The Biden Administration: Paid Federal Leave Benefits

November 2020 - RSM US LLP | Election Economics: Biden Victory Projected, Senate Hangs In Balance

October 2020 - RSM US LLP | Industry Specific Insights For The Middle Market

August 2020 - RSM US LLP | No Vaccine, No Recovery: The Long Road Back

July 2020 - RSM US LLP | Employment in Black and White: Racial Disparitites in America

June 2020 - RSM US LLP | The Post-Coronavirus Economy: What To Expect, And What Is Needed

May 2020 - RSM US LLP | Curtailing The Second Wave: The Case For A Staggered Reopening Of The Economy

April 2020 - TMA Weekly Town Hall - Leading Through Crisis LIVE Webcast | Click to Register | Wednesday, April 22, at 2:15pm EDT

April 2020 - Barclay Damon | Assistance for Mid-Sized Businesses under the CARES Act

April 2020 - Robinson + Cole | COVID-19 and the Contract Issues that Arise 

April 2020 - TMA Weekly Town Hall - Leading Through Crisis LIVE WEBCAST | Click to Register Wednesday, April 15, at 2:15pm EDT

April 2020 - Robinson + Cole | Webinar: The Cares Act and the PPP: Where are we today, and what can businesses expect tomorrow? | Registration Deadline: Friday, April 10

April 2020 - RSM US LLP | General Coronavirus Resource Center

April 2020 - RSM US LLP | Tax Specific Information: Understanding the Tax Policy Response to COVID-19 

March 2020 - State of Connecticut, Insurance Department | Commissioner Calls on Insurers to Extend a Grace Period for Premium Payments in Time of Crisis

March 2020 - RSM US LLP | Insight During Uncertainty: Coronavirus WEBCAST Series 


March 2020 - Robinson + Cole | WEBINAR: The Impact of Government Shutdowns on Construction Contracts and Schedules 

March 2020 - Robinson + Cole | SEC Provides Temporary Relief for Registered Investment Advisers Affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

March 2020 - McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvany & Carpenter | COVID-19 Update

March 2020 - Barclay Damon | COVID-19 Update

March 2020 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Weary of Disruption and Transformation, Globalization-Lite Hits the Spot

February 2020 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Middle Market To Feel A Slowing Economy in 2020

January 2020  Supplement - The Real Economy Newsletter | Industry Outlook - Winter Edition

January 2020 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Consumer Outlook Critical to 2020 Growth

December 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Looking to 2020: Consumer is King Amid Slowing Growth

November 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Uncertainty is Becoming a Drag on the U.S. Economy

October 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Completing the Renovation of Detroit: Transforming the Auto Industry

September 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Economic Slowdown and Manufacturing Contraction

August 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Is This the End? Wage Growth and the End of Business Cycles

July 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Recession Watch: What is the Bond Market Saying About Future Growth?

June 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Counting the Costs of Trade

April 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | U.S. Trade Policy: Rising Risks, Delayed Timetables

March 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | The RSM BREXIT Stress Index: BREXIT'S Impact on Trade, Wealth, Business Cycle and Corporate Profit

January 2019 - The Real Economy Newsletter | Middle Market Companies Yet to Embrace Hedging, Despite Mounting Costs


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