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2020 Annual Sponsor Form

Company Name _____________________________________________­­­­­   _


Contact Name _________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________


City ____________________________ State ______  Zip Code _________


Contact Phone ________________________________________________


Contact Email ________________________________________________


Sponsorship Level:         ____ Gold ($5,000)

____ Silver ($3,000)

____ Bronze ($1,500)


­­­­­­Contact Signature______________________________________________




  • Sponsor must complete, sign and return Annual Sponsorship form by November 15th.


  • Full sponsor payment must be received no later than December 1st.  Checks are made payable to: Detroit Chapter of TMA


  • In order to be listed on sponsor event banners and table tent signs, sponsor must submit logo files by November 15th.  Logo details to be provided.


Mail checks to:                                             For credit card payment:

Detroit Chapter of TMA                                Call TMA Detroit Office

P.O. Box 4056                                              (313) 990-5066

Jackson, MI 49204




TMA Town Hall: Chapter 15 Restructuring Sponsored by Hilco Global


2020 TMA NOW Cyber Social

, United States

TMA Mid-Atlantic LIVE: Better Together


TMA Great Lakes LIVE: Better Together


What makes Impact 2020 an #experience? In addition to #education, you'll have the opportunity to join a yoga class… https://t.co/0f7tqEHxd4

There's still time to register for this week's TMA Town Hall "Chapter 15 Restructuring" sponsored by @HilcoGlobal.… https://t.co/jN0ENP4u1i

Tomorrow is #nationalgirlfriendsday which makes it the perfect time to celebrate the power of the TMA NOW community… https://t.co/H4hSwJFebh

IMPACT 2020: The TMA Annual Experience is from Sept. 29 - Oct. 1. It's an action-packed, online opportunity created… https://t.co/vaIWGA2kKw

Register at https://t.co/AJpOIelLMj for the TMA NOW Cyber Social and don't forget to purchase our gift boxes availa… https://t.co/U4gTWs72l2