TMA Education Benefits


    On-Demand Education

    Instant access to courses and information

    Self-study format is tailored perfectly to your time constraints and study methods

    Evergreen status grants you never-ending access to each purchased course


    Single Gateway to Learning

    TMA Learning Link™ is your members-only content library

    Access conference content, materials, webinars, JCR articles, and more


    A Way to Get Ahead

    Gain a competitive advantage with knowledge outside your specialty

    Maintain your CTP or CTA with continuing education credit


    Recipe for Success

    Four domains cover topics necessary to succeed in the industry

    Customize your learning and select courses outside your area of expertise


    Ladder to Certification

    TMA Education courses provide knowledge to assist in obtaining your TMA Certification

    In-depth study of information helpful to pass CTP and CTA certification exams

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