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New Guiding Principles for the Road Ahead

TMA Reflections

Since the Great Recession, the turnaround, restructuring, and insolvency profession/industry has experienced significant disruption and change. As its membership has adopted new business tactics and strategies, so has TMA. As an organization, we needed to identify what we would be in future and not simply rely upon what led to our successful past.

As part of this effort, in early November the TMA Executive Board approved an updated set of guiding documents for the organization, including new statements of our mission, vision, value proposition, and set of core values, as well as who we are. Together, these statements align all that TMA does, from the chapter to the global level, and ensure that the organization is doing everything it can to provide value to its membership.

 TMA Mission & Vision

These guiding principles were created by the TMA leadership with input from the membership at large, chapter leaders, and TMA staff. It represents a significant investment of time and treasure and should serve TMA well. It is my pleasure to present TMA’s new guiding principles. 

It is an exciting time for TMA. These new principles have created a sense of shared purpose and will drive all of our efforts to ensure TMA is part of your professional success for years to come.


Gregory J. Fine, CAE

TMA Global Chief Executive Officer

Gregory J. Fine, CAE, TMA Global CEO

Gregory J. Fine, FASAE, CAE

Turnaround Management Association

Gregory J. Fine, FASAE, CAE, is the Global Chief Executive Officer of the Turnaround Management Association.

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