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2019 Was Just the Beginning

As we near the end of 2019, a year of momentum in which we embraced important themes and executed on a vision, we pause to reflect on this year and the year to come for the TMA Big Tent.

It started as the year of opportunity, during which we laid a foundation for a more valuable membership experience. That started with the 2019 TMA Distressed Investing Conference, where we moved the dial on a better conference experience. We understood that we needed to convey to our attendees the value of the Capital Forum and by making it a networking event, saw the seeds of a formula we would carry into the 2019 Annual based on better connectivity throughout. Yet, we also learned from our mistakes that we needed to strike a better balance between education and networking.

We sought to be more forward-facing. And based on past successes and struggles, along with some tweaks at DIC, determined to make The 2019 TMA Annual more experiential and very much our marketing conference. It was where we would showcase the power and the people of TMA. With an engaged and connected Annual Conference Planning Committee, we created a forward-facing conference experience that has now allowed us—with apologies to Trekkies everywhere—to boldly go where no organization in our space has gone before.

With nine smart education opportunities that mirrored the interests of our diverse member demographics, we took charge of who we are as an organization. We created flow that kept people together through education and networking alike. And we made sure that every key dimension of TMA was on display. There was a moment for TMA NOW at a dynamic women’s luncheon. There was a moment for TMA NextGen members to gather and support each other. We talked industry trends and international connectivity, and featured a keynote speaker who addressed many issues that affect all of our members’ lives and careers, wherever in the world they call home.

The 2019 TMA Annual not only set the standard of TMA excellence but also staked our claim as the go-to organization in the corporate restructuring space. That was just the beginning, and there will be much more to come in 2020.

TMA committees also made a huge impact on our progress and growth this year. Whether it was our Marketing and Communications Committee creating clarity around our value proposition or the Membership Council and Chapter Presidents Council tackling tough issues and challenges, each of our committees rose to the occasion, creating meaningful takeaways and relevant solutions to issues we face.

Likewise, on the international front we offered a message that we are here to support and grow our global community. And we did just that. We made a more connected experience among and between our international chapters and TMA Global. We continued to prove we are all part of one community, growing and building together, whether through a more inclusive TMA European Board or improved certification programs in Europe and Australia.

This year laid the foundation and created momentum on which we can capitalize. Next year will prove out what we have built. This is the power of TMA, its leaders, and its members. There are still many challenges to face and many hurdles to overcome. That said, we are unafraid to look in the mirror and to address missteps of the past. In the new year, we will collectively bring our thoughts together and move from the opportunity phase to the impact phase of this adventure.

We are proud of who we are and all we will achieve and become. That is because of our leaders and members—the ever-engaged professionals who comprise TMA. In 2019, we took great strides that have shaped a better tomorrow for all of us. We are better together and will meet the challenges of the coming year with a positive attitude and assertiveness that will continue to shape who we are and what we as an organization will achieve for our members.


Scott Y. Stuart, Esq.
TMA Global CEO

Scott Stuart

Scott Y. Stuart, Esq.

TMA Global CEO

Scott Y. Stuart, Esq., is the Chief Executive Officer of Turnaround Management Association, a professional community of 9,000 members that seeks to strengthen the global economy by working save distressed businesses, assist management to navigate off-plan events, and help healthy companies avoid similar pitfalls. He brings nearly 30 years of experience in the restructuring, legal, and distressed investment sectors and has a proven track record of building, growing, and leading successful companies, from corporations to startups.

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