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An Invaluable Experience

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

To say that this year has felt like something of a blur is an understatement. Our 2020 lives have a pre-pandemic and post-pandemic line of demarcation. Working remotely while maintaining a vibrant restructuring practice has certainly been a challenge. It has also presented many meaningful experiences, including humorous moments while mastering video meeting technology and etiquette, renewing relationships virtually with TMA colleagues, spending invaluable time with family members and friends, and mastering social distancing.

As for me, my role as 2020 TMA Global chair has gone by very quickly and in an unexpected manner. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to fulfill my goal of attending TMA Global international events with our TMA colleagues in Prague, Madrid, and London. I did, however, have the opportunity to work in real time as part of the TMA Global leadership team, helping to refine and redefine the important role of TMA Global in our professional lives.

Seeing TMA leadership at the Global and chapter levels and the TMA Global staff come together in a time of crisis reinforced just how important TMA is for all of us as restructuring professionals. TMA recognized the challenges we faced and responded with purpose and clarity. I, for one, am TMA Proud and express my gratitude.

This column is bittersweet for me, since it is my last Leader Board column. Looking back on my invaluable experiences as a member of the TMA Global Board of Trustees, Executive Board, Operations Committee, and, ultimately, my role of TMA Global president and then chair, I would not trade those experiences for anything.

Participating in TMA has been rewarding and a key part of my professional success.

Participating in TMA has been rewarding and a key part of my professional success. I have developed many very special professional relationships and dear friendships with members of my TMA family. Participating in TMA leadership has been invaluable on so many levels and also provided an opportunity to help enhance TMA.

One of my proudest professional achievements was my election as 2019 TMA Global president. I set three priorities during my term – enhanced educational and conference opportunities, a more forward-facing TMA, and highlighting our unique global footprint. Pursuing those initiatives, along with the initiatives established this year by TMA Global President Derek Meek, have, hopefully, made TMA a stronger organization.

Kudos to Kevin A. Krakora, CTP, for his tireless efforts as the leader of the TMA Nominations Committee. Under his guidance, an impressive leadership team has been assembled for 2021. I am confident that TMA is in good hands and offer my best wishes to Matthew English, CTP, as our 2021 TMA Global president.

It has been an honor for me to serve as a TMA Global leader. On a personal note, I want to offer my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Kevin Krakora, Derek Meek, Scott Stuart, Laura Caputo, and the TMA Global staff for their support and hard work and all that they do for TMA.

As we head into increasing levels of restructuring activity, I encourage each of you to become more involved in TMA. Volunteer leadership is rewarding, and participation is welcome.

Jeffrey C. Hampton

Jeffrey C. Hampton

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Jeffrey C. Hampton is a partner in the Philadelphia office of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP and chair of the firm’s Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice. He served as the 2019 TMA Global president. He concentrates his practice on restructuring matters, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, out-of-court workouts, loan restructurings, corporate reorganizations, and general insolvency law. In addition to being an attorney, Hampton is also a licensed CPA.

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