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Automotive Industry: Tough Turns or Sunny Days Ahead?

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

Given the history of TMA, a year wouldn’t be complete without a JCR focused on the automotive industry. As we all know, between tariffs, COVID shutdowns, supply chain issues, and gas prices, this has certainly been a volatile period for anyone trying to purchase a car and the large number of dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors who enable us to drive the open road (or autobahn, autoroute, or carretera, depending on your highway of choice).

We all knew it was strange when new cars were being sold initially without microchips for normally critical car functions and car dealers were offering to buy your used car on the spot when you brought your car in for your regular oil change. Strange times indeed.

At the same time, we’ve seen the influx of electronic vehicles (EVs) and the continuing build-out of the infrastructure to support them. In my hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, the allure of carpool lane stickers given to owners of EVs has been somewhat lessened given the sheer number of such vehicles that now seem to clog the privileged express lanes.

So where does the automotive industry go from here? Will EVs change the industry? Will gas prices affect our love of the open road? Will we ever get those missing microchips? What parts of the automotive industry will thrive and what parts will suffer? And how will TMA members help solve the industry’s biggest problems? Fortunately, we’ve assembled a group of experts for this JCR issue to help you unpack these questions and offer their expert insights.

So, let’s jump in, rev the engine, pop the clutch, and get going into this JCR. (Or hit the “start” button, warm up that battery, and listen to the sampled engine noise pumped through our speakers as we begin reading JCR on our large screen monitor. Ok, not quite as romantic as the former.)

Regardless, I’m sure you will find this JCR interesting and insightful.

Looking to the road ahead, I am getting excited to see everyone in Boston for the TMA Annual Conference November 1-4. Registration is open, so sign up as soon as possible. As you’d expect, TMA is planning another “can’t miss event” with exceptional networking, education, and Zoom-detoxing sessions in a great venue and city.

Our volunteers are the greatest, and we encourage those of you who have yet to experience the many opportunities to get involved with TMA to reach out to your local TMA chapter president or chapter executive; or send an email to info@turnaround.org to request more information about how you can get involved on committees at the national and global levels.

As Ralph Emerson said: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” But in distressed situations, to my fellow TMA members, I’ll add, “just do it quickly.” Pedal down. Let’s go. Enjoy.

Hope to see you soon.

Matthew English, CTP

Matthew English, CTP
TMA Global Chair

Matthew English

Matthew English, CTP

Matthew English, CTP, is a senior managing director with Arch + Beam. An experienced strategy, operations, and turnaround consultant, he works with a wide variety of top corporate clients across many industries, often in the roles of CRO, financial advisor, or turnaround consultant, helping clients improve performance and restructure operations. His areas of expertise include restructuring, bankruptcy, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, organizational redesign, cost optimization, operations, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, and cash flow management.

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