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Building Invaluable Connections

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

“It Starts With One Connection,” the theme for The 2022 TMA Annual, couldn’t be more relevant right now. Each TMA Global conference theme serves as a headline of the times, building on one another to guide us to the next. Past themes, such as “Reunited and Reignited,” “Get Ready for Impact,” “Better Together,” and “Innovation Through Disruption,” have remained relevant. I suspect, however, that this year’s theme will always be pertinent, as human connection, whether in our professional or personal lives, makes us stronger, smarter, happier, and more fulfilled.

The absence of our in-person gatherings during the height of the pandemic over the last few years left most of us wanting such experiences even more. This year’s Annual will provide a platform for us to make those invaluable connections we seek that are so beneficial in our lives. We have the opportunity to engage in ways that showcase the best of who we are, with TMA membership serving as a gateway to share our talents, skills, and interests with other members from our large network of chapters—locally, regionally, and globally.

We can, should, and will reconnect after the Annual in our hometowns, during our travels, and by phone, Zoom, or even a written note. I didn’t realize when I moved halfway across the country when I was in my early 20s, far away from my family and friends, that the skills I acquired to stay close with those back home would be invaluable tools I would use later in my professional life. They have helped me build a business, volunteer in TMA, and develop deep-rooted friendships.

The creative ways we built community during the last few years remain important and may be viewed as a silver lining to an otherwise incredibly difficult time. However, we must not underestimate all that we gain by coming together and the opportunities TMA provides as a perfect vehicle for building and strengthening connections.

Whether we’ve joined together in person or virtually, I hope we continue to stay connected in whatever manner suits you: by email, calls, text, social media posts, handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, sharing a meal or drinks, or even through this publication. The opportunities to engage with each other in ways that showcase the best of who we are at TMA make me proud and excited for the future of this organization.

"It starts with one connection, and that connection is YOU!

Stay safe, be well, and remain #TMAProud.


Jane W. Mitnick
TMA Global President

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