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One Connection Leads to a Worldwide Community of Opportunity

From Crisis to Clarity

As we embark on The 2022 TMA Annual, I harken back to a time not so long ago when we were talking about how to be a more forward-facing TMA. It was at a time when the appreciation for what TMA represented was less clear, and the messaging behind what it meant to be a member of this organization was just taking shape.

Fast forward to now, when there is no doubt about what TMA represents and how invaluable it is to be a member of our defining organization. Today, it is not just important but imperative to be a part of TMA.

Our big tent represents at our core who we are. Each of us is that one connection that creates a link to other connections that also link to others, making us 10,000 members strong. In that continuum of members, that one connection makes you a part of something bigger—a worldwide community of opportunity.

It continues to be a privilege to serve this organization, where I made many connections as a volunteer many years ago, those connections affording me the privilege of serving in the role I have today.

But even in the role in which I now serve, I continue to make new connections every day. With each chapter visit, international trip, and global conference, I use the one connection that is me to connect with the people who are the essence of TMA.

One connection may start with you, but it is now clear that those connections create broad reaching positivity that crosses borders of states and countries too. Those connections highlight the professional diversity of the people and presence of TMA, making us both what is the essence of your professional presence and what completes your professional conversation.

We gather in Boston for The Annual to celebrate all we are at TMA. We are a big tent, 54 chapters strong. We have redefined what connectivity means. We have established ourselves as the premier corporate restructuring, reorganization, and corporate health organization. And we lead the way in the opportunities we provide our members through education, certification, and networking worldwide.

The story of TMA Tomorrow is here today, and the groundwork each and every one of you has laid to raise TMA to be the premier organization it has become is testament to what it means to be the one connection that continues to help our organization shine.

This Annual, more than any before it, shows not just how forward-facing we have become, but in the actionable organization we are, that the future is our oyster. We stand for the good of each other, our professional community, and how the power of connectivity across generations allows us to thrive.

Thank you all for what you do to assure we soar and define, ignite, motivate, and raise each other up with fortitude and pride. That is who we are, and this Annual will again showcase the best, the brightest, the most dedicated and defining professionals in our space.

This is what makes us TMA Proud and will always keep us TMA Strong.

Scott Stuart

Scott Y. Stuart, Esq.
TMA Global CEO

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