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Planting Seeds, Cultivating Leaders, and Harvesting Value

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

This month’s issue of the Journal of Corporate Renewal highlights the very important agriculture industry. With food prices rising, uncertainty surrounding Ukraine grain shipments, and the plight of farmers so often in the news, agriculture becomes an even more critical industry in which turnaround and restructuring professionals can apply their skills to save jobs and help improve food security. This issue brings together top experts in the industry, and I’m sure you will find the articles helpful and insightful.

In line with this month’s issue, I have been thinking about my tenure as TMA Global President in 2021 and Global Chair in 2022—how the seeds we planted in the early months of the pandemic, with dedicated and careful cultivation, have now grown to make TMA emerge stronger from the difficult last two years. It has been an honor to serve as your volunteer leader and inspiring to meet with TMA members from all over the world to hear their stories of perseverance.

Having recently spent time with TMA members at The TMA Annual in Boston, TMA Europe leaders in Paris, and the TMA UK Chapter in London, I can say with certainty that our members are harvesting greater value from our organization through better relationships, communication channels, and innovative educational opportunities than ever before. Experiencing the amazing networking with TMA Spain, enhancing my skills at the East European Summit, and learning about the growing chapter in Nigeria demonstrated to me how the tendrils of TMA are truly growing with speed and strength.

During the pandemic, we planted a few seeds of diversity, equity, and inclusion that have now grown to be a permanent TMA Executive Board position, an active DE&I Committee, and excellent DE&I programming at TMA chapters and Global conferences alike.

We planted the seeds of education and certification in TMA Town Halls and Restructuring Boot Camps that both played important roles in driving member engagement in ways that are now bearing fruit. And the branches of TMA grew as chapters thousands of miles apart engaged with each other on topics of common interest and regional chapters came together to build relationships and find new ways to collaborate. And who doesn’t like attending a conference in Napa Valley!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you—the members, leaders, and staff of TMA. Your dedication, passion, and willingness to take those leaps of faith with us as we navigated the last two years has been nothing short of amazing. I especially want to thank TMA Global President Janey Mitnick, TMA Immediate Past Chair Derek Meek, and TMA CEO Scott Stuart for their mentorship and friendship over these past few years. We’re in good hands with incoming 2023 TMA Global President Jim Van Horn, and I expect our growth to continue.

It has been a privilege to serve with the wonderful people of TMA, and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.

Thanks, and be #TMAProud.

Matthew English, CTP

Matthew English, CTP
TMA Global Chair


Matthew English

Matthew English, CTP

Matthew English, CTP, is a senior managing director with Arch + Beam. An experienced strategy, operations, and turnaround consultant, he works with a wide variety of top corporate clients across many industries, often in the roles of CRO, financial advisor, or turnaround consultant, helping clients improve performance and restructure operations. His areas of expertise include restructuring, bankruptcy, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, organizational redesign, cost optimization, operations, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, and cash flow management.

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