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New International Symposium, Strategic Plan Execution Highlight TMA’s Agenda for 2023

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

The theme of this year’s Distressed Investing Conference, “You Are Part of Something Bigger,” could not have been more on point, literally and figuratively! In true TMA style, nearly 1,000 attendees celebrated being part of something bigger by coming together, reinforcing connections, educating one another, and networking.

I was extremely proud of the conference and appreciate the efforts of leadership, the TMA team, and the TMA community for their work to make our time together meaningful. TMA is a tool for each of its members to better serve their clients in this time of instability and insecurity caused by heightened economic volatility, fluctuating interest rates, changing consumer spending patterns, instability of digital assets (more on this in this issue of the JCR), the war in Ukraine, and more. TMA is here as a resource for you as you guide your clients through this economic storm.

TMA is advancing on the heels of a productive 2022 with foundational improvements to its technology and systems and implementation of our strategic plan. In Q1, TMA launched a new association management system (AMS), which allows for more effective member engagement and increased operational efficiency. Members are sure to have an enhanced experience with our new AMS and should tailor their TMA digital profile with the many features available on this new platform.

In Q4, TMA will launch its new website, with improved user-friendly features and a readily accessible plethora of TMA information, all available at lightning speed. The new and improved website will make for a better member experience while providing a multitude of resources in real time.

Throughout this year, TMA will begin the implementation of our strategic plan. Thoughtfully crafted in 2022, the strategic plan will help to better align members around their shared purposes, help TMA set and achieve goals, and further enhance member opportunities. TMA leadership began the initial implementation of the strategic plan at the Distressed Investing Conference in February. The strategic plan will position TMA for continued success in the years to come.


Additionally, after a several years in the making, TMA this year will launch the groundbreaking International Symposium, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany, on June 21, 2023, the day before the start of the Annual European conference.

This conference will be bold and innovative and will offer attendees a global platform to engage with experts in the international restructuring, turnaround, and corporate health industry. It will be a defining moment for TMA and will highlight the growth of our organization into one that is held up by the engagement and leadership of its members from all over the world.

Whether we meet at the new International Symposium or at a chapter, regional, or global event, we will all be part of something bigger.

I feel confident that these initiatives will be the framework for an even better TMA and will elevate our members and association to new heights!

Stay safe, be well, and remain #TMAProud.


Jane W. Mitnick
TMA Global Chair




Jane W. Mitnick

Jane W. Mitnick

SM Financial Services Corporation

Jane W. Mitnick is the 2023 TMA Global President. She is president of SM Financial Services Corporation, an entity formed to invest in and manage the purchase of financial assets, from trustees and fiduciaries, particularly judgments, preferences, notes, and accounts receivable. She serves as receiver, special fiscal agent, assignee for the benefit of creditors, escrow agent, shareholder, trustee, and liquidating trustee. Mitnick co-leads the team in the collection and monetization of receivables in the insolvent healthcare space from hospitals to professional practices.

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