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Making Your Own Luck

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

They say luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Restructuring professionals can make their own luck by taking advantage of the many learning and interpersonal opportunities that TMA provides. TMA is a tool for those members who take advantage of the connectivity, education, certification, and networking opportunities that the organization offers.

The situation many of our clients find themselves in is akin to walking a tight rope at the circus. However, with a prepared advisor, who is armed with expertise, strategy suggestions, industry insights, and skills, our clients’ situations are transformed, and they can reach the other side without catastrophe. Leveraging our skills is imperative to supporting our clients who are dealing with relentless change, disruptions, and tumultuous moments. Using our knowledge, practice, and experience can, in many instances, be what allows our clients to avoid being caught in a crisis. At TMA, we, as turnaround professionals, have the chance to hone these skills so that we are ready to solve our clients’ problems in the face of these disruptions and crises.

Not only does TMA provide the preparation for restructuring professionals, but it also offers the opportunities necessary for long-term success. These opportunities are how we get that next call, opportunity, or career-changing matter. It is about the personal connections, the experiences, and the reputation we make for ourselves. TMA provides both connectivity and networking opportunities from the local to the regional, and even global, levels.

Let us all challenge ourselves to begin with that first connection and to be a part of something bigger—TMA’s ongoing 2022/2023 themes. As we prepare to face continued and heightened economic volatility, fluctuating interest rates, changing consumer spending patterns, an uncertain future for cryptocurrency, and significant bank failures, all of which were prevalent in Q1, remember that TMA is here to help guide you and your clients.

The desire for a global presence is here and now, and TMA affords members opportunities both domestically and globally. If you have the appetite to work or connect with professionals globally, I encourage you to be bold and to join me, and more than two dozen other North American leaders, at TMA Global’s inaugural International Symposium in Hamburg, Germany, on June 21, 2023, the day prior to the start of TMA’s Annual European conference. We will hear forecasts, opinions, predictions, expectations, and experiences from restructuring and turnaround experts from around the globe, and the conference will provide attendees with a multitude of opportunities to connect with other participants from all over the world. I look forward to seeing you there.

The opportunity to engage with each other showcases the best of who we are at TMA and makes me proud and excited to be a part of this organization and thus part of something bigger.

Stay safe, be well, and remain #TMAProud.


Jane W. Mitnick
TMA Global Chair

Jane W. Mitnick

Jane W. Mitnick

SM Financial Services Corporation

Jane W. Mitnick is the 2023 TMA Global President. She is president of SM Financial Services Corporation, an entity formed to invest in and manage the purchase of financial assets, from trustees and fiduciaries, particularly judgments, preferences, notes, and accounts receivable. She serves as receiver, special fiscal agent, assignee for the benefit of creditors, escrow agent, shareholder, trustee, and liquidating trustee. Mitnick co-leads the team in the collection and monetization of receivables in the insolvent healthcare space from hospitals to professional practices.

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