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TMA’s Chapter Presidents’ Council: Building—and Strengthening—Bridges

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

The Chapter Presidents’ Council is a crucial support in the overall structure of TMA as a global organization. The CPC counts among its members the president of each of TMA’s 58 worldwide chapters and is an interconnected network that helps resources flow between TMA Global and membership.

Led this year by Chair Rob Patrick of SC&H Group, a primary goal of CPC is to ensure that we create, maintain, and encourage an open dialogue, both between the chapters and Global, and among the various chapters themselves. Each of our chapter presidents brings a unique perspective and ideas to the table—and an important part of CPC’s message is conveying to them just how important their voices are.

As the current vice chair of the CPC, I am grateful to Rob for his fantastic example (and to the several CPC Chairs who guided the way before him!) as I prepare to assume the role of chair in 2024. While we are proud of our accomplishments, there remains plenty on the to-do list, and I’d like to share some of CPC’s primary aspirations for the upcoming year.

Maximizing Meeting Impact. As the TMA Global tagline goes, we are #BetterTogether. This is true also for our CPC monthly meetings, where we’ve pursued improved attendance as a way of improving collaboration and increasing the flow of ideas. While most meetings are held virtually, October’s TMA Annual allowed the CPC to hold an in-person meeting, allowing us to relax and connect with one another over breakfast before holding the election for leadership positions in 2024.

Targeted participation in these meetings is also a point of emphasis for the CPC. By mixing plenary meetings with those focused on chapters within a particular region or of a particular size, our aim is to ensure all presidents and presidents-elect feel like they have a voice within the CPC.

Leveraging Connectivity. As TMA Global ramps up its work on the new TMA website, the CPC is an ideal venue to hear from chapter presidents and administrators about what is working, what is needed, and what training may be needed to ensure everyone is maximizing the benefits inherent with an improved AMS.

Along these lines, the CPC is excited to roll out the new community boards that act as a platform for continual dialogue among council members between meetings. Here, we plan to discuss different issues as a group to continue exchanging ideas and building momentum.

TMA Strategic Plan. TMA Global will continue in coming months to roll out the strategic plan that will help TMA continue to #LightTheWayForward. We intend for CPC to act as both a bridge and a communication hub between our Global committees and chapters as that process continues to unfold.

As we near the end of 2023, I once again would like to offer my appreciation—along with everyone involved with the CPC—to Rob Patrick for his hard work, dedication, and endless patience and good humor. I am also delighted to congratulate and look forward to welcoming TMA SoCal President Rob Saunders of Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones as 2024 CPC Vice Chair.

TMA Global is a dynamic organization because of the passion and dedication of its chapters, from veteran presidents to our new members. The CPC will continue to harness that energy to make the best organization in the turnaround space even better.

Rachel Jaffe Mauceri

Rachel Jaffe Mauceri

Robinson & Cole LLP

Rachel Jaffe Mauceri is a partner in the Bankruptcy + Reorganizations Group of Robinson & Cole LLP. With more than 20 years of experience counseling clients in complex corporate bankruptcy and restructuring matters, she participates in all aspects of in- and out-of-court restructurings, with deep knowledge across a range of industries, including health care, retail, energy, oil and gas, real estate, and telecommunications

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