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A Year of Accomplishments & a Bright Future

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

As we approach the end of another eventful year, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude for the remarkable success that our members, leaders, and the TMA staff achieved this year. Our collective efforts have not only enhanced the industry with new benchmarks, standards, and measurements, but we also paved the way to achieve the most from our member and leader experiences and created sustainable growth within TMA and the industry.

Reflecting on the accomplishments of this past year, with great pleasure, I share a few of our significant milestones.

TMA celebrated its 35-year anniversary throughout 2023. Marking this milestone, we held many events throughout the year that culminated with our TMA Annual Conference in San Francisco in October, which was a great success with approximately 600 in attendance from around the world. We had the opportunity to honor leaders, local TMA chapters, and luminaries in our industry. TMA is indeed “Lighting the Way Forward” and is sure to make an even greater impact on the turnaround and corporate health industry in the next 35 years. Thank you for being a part of our celebration and continued growth.

As we near the end of the first year of implementing our 2022 Strategic Plan, we recognize the strategic focus areas: listening to and engaging with all stakeholders, increasing transparency and communications, and enhancing leadership support and governance. We will continue to deliver membership value by providing a platform for turnaround professionals to come together, share thoughts and ideas, and forge lasting bonds.

TMA’s relentless commitment to fostering a meaningful member experience also continues to evolve with significant initiatives and actions, including our expanded Chapter Resource and Response Committee (CRRC) grant program, which will provide additional support to local chapters for new initiatives and membership growth. We also welcome Janine Figueiredo, who will serve as our newly elected Executive Board member and Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion beginning in 2024, which we expect will enrich membership and have a lasting positive impact on our TMA family.

TMA has and will continue to empower education and professional development in our members, leading to a robust exchange of ideas, education, and resources. Through our certification programs and varied educational offerings, we continue to strive to provide members with the resources for innovative solutions to help redefine the turnaround and restructuring landscape, enabling businesses to navigate through turbulent times and emerge stronger than before.

This year we networked together locally, regionally, and internationally to make stronger and more deep-rooted connections. Our friendships know no borders. Our newest international conference, the International Symposium, held in Hamburg, Germany, in June, brought the global TMA community together in new and innovative ways. We are now one community across six continents.

Looking forward, I am confident that 2024 will present us with new opportunities to build on our successes. Together, with Allen Wilen and Rachael Smiley, serving as TMA Global President and President-Elect, respectively, we will continue to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, setting new benchmarks of achievement within the turnaround, restructuring, and corporate health community.

As we prepare to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for your contributions and unwavering commitment to our shared vision. I wish you all a holiday season filled with warmth, peace, and renewed inspiration with my profound gratitude and admiration.

Stay safe, be well, and remain #TMAProud.


Jane W. Mitnick
TMA Global Chair

Jane W. Mitnick

Jane W. Mitnick

SM Financial Services Corporation

Jane W. Mitnick is the 2023 TMA Global President. She is president of SM Financial Services Corporation, an entity formed to invest in and manage the purchase of financial assets, from trustees and fiduciaries, particularly judgments, preferences, notes, and accounts receivable. She serves as receiver, special fiscal agent, assignee for the benefit of creditors, escrow agent, shareholder, trustee, and liquidating trustee. Mitnick co-leads the team in the collection and monetization of receivables in the insolvent healthcare space from hospitals to professional practices.

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