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Keeping Busy Building TMA’s Tomorrow

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

After all the New Year’s celebrations are over and the holiday lights and decorations are back in storage, winter’s last few months can be difficult for plenty of people. But not me. Beginning my year as the 2024 TMA Global President, I’m excited and honored to be leading our organization in what promises to be an exciting and busy year. From all that’s going on within the TMA world to an economic climate that’s beneficial to our profession, our calendars will be full and time is limited. But that’s when I and all of us in this profession thrive.

When demands on our time are plentiful, I’m thankful for the value that TMA has provided me throughout my 30-year career. The connections I’ve made have been and will continue to be invaluable. Being plugged into the industry, I can rely on the TMA community as a resource to grow my practice. The ability to receive and distribute referral opportunities has been a key component in my 20-plus years as a member of TMA. With a promising outlook for this year, opportunities will surely continue to arise for all of us.

The success of any individual in TMA leadership depends on so many more people. I’m incredibly grateful for the perseverance, vision, and passion of previous TMA Global Presidents. I am inspired by those who came before me to ensure the success of those who follow. To that end, one priority for 2024 is the continued growth of TMA outside of North America. Following the smashing success of last year’s inaugural International Symposium, I want to continue to emphasize the integration of international chapters with their North American counterparts.

This interchange of talent, business, and ideas is a two-way street, something that can be a benefit to all TMA members. Similarly, within the North American market, I hope to foster continued collaboration between chapters, whether they share similarities in geography, demographics, or any other aspect. Our industry is connected on a global scale, so having resources—whether that’s around the world or in another region of North America—is another huge benefit provided by TMA.

TMA is an aircraft carrier that is steered by TMA leadership on a timeline that stretches out over years—not weeks or months. To that end, I’m thankful for the guidance and support of current and prior TMA leadership as I begin my tenure as TMA Global President, including TMA Global Chair Jane Mitnick, TMA CEO Scott Y. Stuart, Esq., and all members of the executive board and committees. I’m also thrilled to be working with the first-ever TMA President-Elect Rachel Smiley. It’s an honor to serve alongside someone with such passion as we build a better tomorrow for all TMA members.

Allen Wilen

Allen Wilen, CTP
TMA Global President



Allen Wilen, CTP

Allen Wilen, CTP

EisnerAmper LLP

TMA Global President Allen Wilen, CTP, is a partner with EisnerAmper LLP and serves as the national director of its Financial Advisory Services Group. In this role, he leads a team of over 100 professionals dedicated to assisting the firm’s clients through the litigation and restructuring process. Wilen provides forensic accounting, valuation and litigation support services specializing in the areas of distress, debt restructuring, and business disputes. Wilen involvement with TMA includes more than 16 years of leadership roles at the local, regional, and global levels of the organization, including TMA New Jersey President, Chair of the TMA Certification Oversight Committee, and most recently as Vice President of Finance. 

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