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Reinforcing Chapter Connections

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

No matter the size, scope, or focus of an organization, communication is crucial to its success. When it comes to TMA, with nearly 60 chapters stretching across the world, collaboration and coordination must be efficient to serve our members, who are always low on time and high on responsibilities. As the 2024 Vice President of Chapter Relations, I am tasked with operating as a liaison between TMA Global and TMA’s nearly 60 chapters worldwide, while coordinating resources for chapters and their leaders in conjunction with other members of the TMA Executive Board.

Throughout the year, I will be aiming to fulfill six primary goals:

  1. Strengthen International Bonds. TMA has continued to grow as a truly worldwide organization, with the 2023 International Symposium and TMA Europe Annual showing the progress we have made. Further integration of international chapters within TMA Global will only benefit members in our domestic and overseas chapters.
  2. Interface With Chapter Boards. Every TMA chapter is unique, facing challenges specific to a region or chapter size or market. That being said, no chapter is an island. By participating in chapter board meetings, I want to offer the support and resources of TMA Global to its members.
  3. Support Regional Events. Collaboration among chapters shows the value of TMA membership—and regional events help create wider and deeper networks for those who participate. TMA Global, by supporting these types of events, can foster bonds between local chapters.
  4. Attend Global and International Events. The Annual, DIC, and International Symposium are headlining events that embody all that is TMA. They are also an ideal environment to gather with chapter leadership to address issues from the grassroots to the overarching.
  5. Support Chapter Leadership. Throughout the year, I want to make myself available to local leaders. Whether to offer advice, provide resources, or help troubleshoot, I aim to be an active, engaged representative of TMA Global.
  6. Lead the Chapter & Individual Awards Process. As VP of Chapter Relations, I get the distinct honor of leading the 2023 chapter and individual awards. This initiative is one way TMA can recognize the people and groups who go above and beyond.

In addition to working on chapter relations, I am also leading the Collaboration Committee. This group connects certain members from the Executive Board—the CPC Chair, CPC Vice Chair, VP of Membership, CRRC Chair, TMA Global President, and TMA Global President-Elect—to facilitate effective communication in these member-facing roles.

Each of us will work directly with and can have a significant impact on the chapters. The Collaboration Committee, thus, comes together to give us all the opportunity to share ideas and concerns while working together to support each other and the chapters. This group also assists with providing information flow to the chapter presidents that is meaningful and not duplicative.

Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick


Robert Patrick is the managing director of SC&H Group’s Corporate Restructuring practice. He advises distressed companies through complex corporate restructurings, both in and out-of-court, with expertise in financial analysis, fraud investigation, and litigation support services. Patrick and his team engage clients that include debtors, lenders, fiduciaries, creditors’ committees, and other interested parties. He has served in numerous leadership roles with TMA including Chair of the Chapter Presidents’ Council and VP of Chapter Relations. 

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