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Our Time is NOW

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

Early in my career in corporate restructuring, when I joined the TMA Southern California Chapter in 2003, I never could have imagined what the next two decades had in store for me and TMA as an organization. Personally, through the support and opportunities provided by TMA, I’ve built my rock-solid professional network and continued to advance my career—a journey that continues to take me from the California to the East Coast and seemingly everywhere in between.

TMA’s growth, meanwhile, as the leading organization in the turnaround/restructuring space has been astonishing. Through the tireless efforts of all members, from global leadership to local chapter members, TMA has expanded the breadth and depth of its value proposition for members across the globe. This month, we will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the TMA Network of Women (NOW)—perhaps one of the most important initiatives ever introduced in our organization’s history.

The 2024 TMA NOW Summit, set for May 15-16 in Chicago, will be a special time for everyone involved in NOW. What started as a fledgling affinity group within TMA has developed into a thriving network of leaders that fosters collaboration, cooperation, and camaraderie, all while ensuring our members continue to be the best in the industry. It’s undeniable the connections made through NOW are good for our business, but, more personally, I can attest to the lifelong friendships that have developed in my 10 years in this network.

Along with my co-chair, Rakhee Patel, with Sidley Austin LLP, I am proud to welcome all participants in this year’s NOW Summit. From the opening TMA Restructuring Boot Camp to the closing dinner cruise, this event will be all about networking, learning, and reflecting on the successes of TMA NOW over the past 10 years.

Thinking back to attending that first NOW Summit in New York, I’m appreciative of what this group of dedicated professionals has become since 2014. The event has grown in dramatic ways, but I’m also proud of how NOW has matured. What started as a network of professionals, many in the middle of their careers, has developed into an all-encompassing group welcome to women in all stages of their careers. As we begin our second decade, NOW benefits from the energy and passion of its NextGen members, who represent the future of our industry. Building a more complete network makes NOW a more essential resource for its members.

While the TMA NOW Summit is only two days, I am excited to offer the support of this group to TMA’s other key initiatives, including the expansion of DEI efforts and the continued development of NextGen as a way to produce our industry’s leaders of tomorrow. This type of collaboration is at the heart of what makes TMA such a vital piece of our industry—by gathering passionate individuals together and leveraging our talents, we can ensure the continued success of TMA, NOW, and all of us.

Michelle Salazar-Rosenbloom

Michelle Salazar-Rosenbloom


Michaelle Salazar-Rosenbloom is managing director of Corporate Restructuring and Trustee and Fiduciary Services (TFS) at KCC LCC. Her expertise in working with clients in a broad range of industries and asset categories, along with her experience working among top insolvency professionals, has provided her with a keen ability to match her client’s needs with KCC’s service offerings. Salazar-Rosenbloom manages key client relationships and facilitates the growth of new engagements.

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