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The World Is Ours

Leader Board: Jeffrey C. Hampton

As we are already—somehow—approaching the halfway point in 2024, I’d like to revisit an essential point of emphasis in my year as TMA Global President—the continued support of our international chapters, particularly by assuring we create connectivity with our North American chapters. To truly be a worldwide organization, it’s essential we build networks that extend beyond the local, regional, and national levels. Connections must stretch beyond borders and across oceans.

Since the pandemic, a good deal of effort has been made to elevate chapter bonds. Many of our North American chapters have created power hours, where those individuals connect with an international chapter in a networking experience that truly showcases the internationalism of our defining organization.

The power hour was a start. Now, several of our North American chapters have connected through an industry topic, creating opportunities to connect about these topics through TMA—and from that the relevancy of cross-border connectivity grows.

In my career, I’ve benefitted from such international networks and connections. Cross-border turnarounds have been a constant in my work, and these projects have made me a better, more agile professional through new experiences. I’m also a fellow with INSOL International, a global federation of associations for experts in the turnaround and restructuring space. This group, much like TMA, aims to build bonds and strengthen international relationships to raise the standard of excellence in our profession.

This month, our members from across the world will touch down in London for TMA Global’s International Symposium and Annual European Conference. Riding high on the success of last year’s inaugural events in Hamburg, Germany, we are thrilled to celebrate our efforts to further integrate our international chapters with one another and with TMA Global leadership.

While the face-to-face interaction in London will go a long way in our efforts to encourage international participation in TMA, work will continue throughout the year, thanks primarily to the TMA International Task Force. Co-chaired by TMA International VP Eva Ringelspacher (TMA Germany) and former TMA Global Chair David Cohen (TMA Toronto), the ITF will be reviewing TMA’s international model and structure at a critically important time as international participation is surging.

As of today, TMA has a presence on virtually every continent in the world. We recently added more chapters in Europe with the addition of TMA Slovakia, while TMA Poland is in formation. Likewise, in South America, with the addition of TMA Colombia, which is in formation, we now have a critical mass of chapters in Latin and South America too.

As we continue to emphasize the benefit of international expansion for all of us involved with TMA, I’m proud that nearly one-third of our members call home somewhere outside the U.S. and Canada. As communication technology continues to develop, seemingly shrinking the world and increasing interconnectivity, TMA Global remains dedicated to supporting our international affiliates.

If we’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that the future remains uncertain. But I could not be more confident in the potential of TMA to continue to grow, evolve, and improve—from the local chapter level to across the globe.

Allen Wilen

Allen Wilen, CTP
TMA Global President

Allen Wilen, CTP

Allen Wilen, CTP

EisnerAmper LLP

TMA Global President Allen Wilen, CTP, is a partner with EisnerAmper LLP and serves as the national director of its Financial Advisory Services Group. In this role, he leads a team of over 100 professionals dedicated to assisting the firm’s clients through the litigation and restructuring process. Wilen provides forensic accounting, valuation and litigation support services specializing in the areas of distress, debt restructuring, and business disputes. Wilen involvement with TMA includes more than 16 years of leadership roles at the local, regional, and global levels of the organization, including TMA New Jersey President, Chair of the TMA Certification Oversight Committee, and most recently as Vice President of Finance. 

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