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The Louisiana Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association exists to bring together professionals involved in assisting companies with their legal, financial, management, marketing and accounting needs among many others. Programs provide social and educational opportunities where attendees can identify resources they can access in their professional practices.
While some TMA members may focus on businesses that face specific challenges to their very existence, all TMA members serve companies that may not necessarily be in a troubled or turnaround situation but nevertheless are constantly reinventing their businesses to remain relevant and competitive. Personal membership is key to letting others know the many services available to the business community.
Through a series of programs, networking events and social gatherings, TMA allows members and non-members alike the opportunity to develop personal relationships with others that can hopefully bring business opportunities down the road. It is this exchange of ideas and the development of professional and lasting friendships that is The Main Attraction of TMA.
Consider joining today. You’ll be glad you did.
Kevin Laborde
2016 President
Turnaround Management Association – Louisiana Chapter