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Embracing Change

MY TAKE: TMA CEO COLUMNChange is hard. But change is necessary for growth, professional development, and brand building. In this year of opportunity at TMA, we are embracing change. We understand that, as we change the conversation we are having, and we will continue to have dialogue and debate so that as we journey forward we create a better, stronger, and more vibrant TMA.

To date we have accomplished a great deal with regard to changing the conversation and the feel of this TMA. We continue to strive to connect chapter leaders with each other so that no chapter lives in isolation from others. We will continue to work with all chapters to make good on our promise to make communicating with TMA a two-way street. TMA Global is, and will continue to show itself to be, the Big Tent and home base for all our members worldwide.

In the coming months you will see more meaningful changes in how we approach outreach to those who have experienced the power of TMA but have not yet become members. We will continue our efforts to be more forward facing and to ensure that we are communicating the power being part of the most professionally diverse organization in the corporate renewal restructuring and corporate health space.

The hard work has begun. With the foundation for change established, we are poised to propel TMA forward in significant ways this year. For those who struggle with chapter growth, know that we have a Chapter Health initiative and Membership Council at your side. Engage with them and be part of that conversation. For those who embrace education, know that this year is about striking a balance between educational resources for year-round learning and showcasing the professional diversity of TMA. For those who have stories of success to share, bring them to our Marketing and Communications Committee and let us share your experiences throughout TMA.

We are a complex, diverse international organization. With the changes we have implemented thus far, and with those that are coming, I know you already see that we are defining who we are with greater clarity as we strive to continue to exceed expectations.

My pledge to you, with our leadership’s wholehearted support, is to continue to shape opportunities for all of our members; to serve the needs of our chapters and support their growth; and to communicate in a more meaningful way the power of TMA so that those who already embrace it can carry our fresh message far and wide to bring the next generation of members into the fold and ensure that they, too, help shape the conversation.

This is not only the year of opportunity in this Big Tent but also the year in which we build a strong future for TMA. There is momentum, and through continued dialogue and debate, I invite you all be part of the conversation that is already reshaping TMA.

Please think about your role in TMA today and what you want TMA to be about tomorrow. Your participation in the conversation through committee involvement at the chapter and global levels is critical to this mission. I extend my personal invitation for you not only to participate at the chapter and global levels but also to evangelize the message about the power and value of this TMA.

The future of TMA may start with me, but it is all about you, the volunteers who with me and Global leadership have moved this big ship forward. Please be part of the journey and let TMA be your guide!





Scott Y. Stuart, Esq.
TMA Global CEO