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For businesses navigating critical turning points and transitions, TMA Northeast helps companies improve and get to the next level from any starting point.
Inspired by the belief that every company can perform better with the right resources, TMANE is New England’s premier membership of professionals driving next-level business performance.

About TMANE:
•One of the three largest TMA chapters in the country, TMANE is New England’s most diverse membership of professionals who are experts at solving complex problems and driving next-level performance.
•More than a membership, TMANE is a problem-solving network, bringing together a supportive community of creative thinkers who forge trusting relationships and team up to solve their most critical business priorities.

The Association includes two satellite chapters which are located in Portland ME and Providence RI to reach members in outlying areas. TMA Northeast also features sub-organizations including the nextGen group focused on informal networking events for younger professionals, as well as the TMA NOW(Network of Women).

The Turnaround Management Association (www.turnaround.org) is the only international non-profit association dedicated to corporate renewal and turnaround management. Its international headquarters is in Chicago.

Established in 1988, TMA has 8,300 members in 56 chapters (32 in North America and 24 International).