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Call for TMA New York City 2020 Leadership Nominations - Deadine is September 20th

Dear Member of TMA NYC,

As the summer fades, TMA NYC is moving forward with its 2020 Nominations process for board and leadership positions, and we encourage our members to consider joining our leadership team. In accordance with the policies and procedures regarding the leadership structure of TMA NYC, I serve as Chair of the 2020 Nominations Committee which is composed of 3 current Board Members and 2 current Committee Members. We are soliciting nominations for the open leadership positions for the 2020 calendar year. Please click here or below for the nomination form.




The form can be used to nominate yourself or others and should be self-explanatory, but please email or call me or Sarah Kuhns, our Chapter Executive, if you have questions. You are encouraged to apply for as many positions as you choose for which you qualify. Please list them in order of preference. Please note that your TMA NYC Membership must be in good standing in order to apply and qualify for a position on the TMA NYC Board. To update/renew your membership in the NYC Chapter, click here.


Please note the following timeline:

  • 9/20/19 - 11/14/19: Deliberations of Nominations Committee & Executive Board to determine 2020 Slate.
  • 11/14/19: Board meeting to vote on 2020 Slate.


The Committee's goal is to ensure the nomination process is transparent and inclusive in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Board. Increasing your involvement with TMA NYC can be very rewarding both professionally and personally. As a Past President of the organization, I encourage you to consider becoming more active by submitting a nomination on behalf of yourself or another professional.



Deborah Reperowitz

Chair, TMA NYC 2020 Nominations Committee



Your Response is Due by: Noon | Friday | September 20, 2019







Deborah Reperowitz | Chair TMA NYC 2020 Nominations Committee | (212) 812-4138

Sarah Kuhns | Chapter Executive | (646) 932-5532