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TMA Rocky Mountain Wins 2016 Operational Excellence Award for a Mid-Size Chapter

TMA Rocky Mountain: 2016 Operational Excellence (Mid-Size Chapter)
Every August, the past, current, and incoming presidents of TMA Rocky Mountain meet to create the strategic plan for the upcoming year determining where the chapter’s focus should reside. The 2016 meeting resulted in a few success stories. 

The TMA NextGen presence in the chapter has increased due to more events and involvement from the chapter’s young professionals. In addition, two events were held for the first time and will become annual events because of their success: a golf event seeking to draw in the private equity community and an executive business roundtable specifically for business owners and C-suite professionals. 

New leadership onboarding involves current board members being tasked with finding and mentoring their replacement. Member ambassadors are assigned to greet non-member attendees at all events. The membership chair contacts potential and new members to set up an in-person meeting over coffee and there is also a new member orientation.