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TMA #Better Together: Traci Courter, Mercantile Bank

Traci Courter, First Vice President, Mercantile Bank of Michigan (TMA West Michigan), has been a TMA member for five years. We recently spoke to Traci about how the connections she’s made through TMA have helped her in her work. 

“TMA has been a gateway to forging a lot of great relationships and friendships over a long time. Interestingly, those friendships tend to start in my market, but they migrate to other markets outside the Great Lakes region soon enough. I have spent many years on the TMA West Michigan’s Chapter Programming Committee, and it has provided value to me many times over,” says Courter.



“Many people are in the business development arena, but as a bank workout officer, I am looking to develop resources.” 

— Traci L. Courter (TMA West Michigan) 

“One example of how TMA helps me in my career is when I have borrowers that need to find new lenders that are better suited to their business fundamentals. Through TMA, I have relationships with capital providers, alternative lenders, and other influencers, including consultants and attorneys, to help the bank’s borrowers find the credit solution they need.  Sometimes, those professionals will be on the other side of the desk in a deal which may put us at odds.  But, because I have relationships with many of those professionals through TMA, they know that my actions are meant to represent the bank's best interest. In short, they respect my work, and I respect theirs,” adds Courter.

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