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#TMABetterTogether: Spencer M. Ware, CTP

Spencer M. Ware, CTP shares how his TMA connections have enriched his professional life.

Spencer M. Ware, CTP, is a managing director and head of retail restructuring at Conway MacKenzie, Riveron Company. He has been a TMA member with the New York City Chapter for the last 15 years. We recently spoke to Spencer about how the connections he has made through TMA have helped him in his career.

In supporting success, the TMA network never fails—whether this means establishing a level of trust as a project begins, finding perspectives on an industry or situation, or simply getting to know other professionals in the arena of restructuring and turnarounds.”

“The TMA family has helped me on nearly every one of my projects over the last decade, ultimately helping to ensure positive outcomes for clients and their businesses,” says Ware. “It’s hard to summarize all the value I’ve gained by being part of TMA over the past 15 years; I took on meaningful leadership opportunities, presented on panels, authored whitepapers, earned the Certified Turnaround Professional accreditation (CTP), and made many life-long friends,” he adds. 

Ware credits TMA for opening doors within the close-knit restructuring community, including in ways he would have never expected. “I recently joined Conway MacKenzie, part of Riveron, and colleagues in the TMA network made unprompted introductions to my new co-workers,” says Ware. “Onboarding with a new team in a virtual environment can be difficult, but friends from TMA put it upon themselves to support the transition,” he adds. 

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