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Resolving Mass Tort Liability in Bankruptcy Post Purdue Pharma

New York - Upstate
Chapter Events

New York - Upstate Chapter Event

Resolving Mass Tort Liability in Bankruptcy Post Purdue...

Pittsford, NY United States
New York - Upstate Chapter Event

Back Alley Knife Fights Wearing Tuxedos

Albany, NY United States
New York - Upstate Chapter Event

Senior Credit Officers Roundtable

Buffalo, NY United States
New York - Upstate Chapter Event

On the Chopping Block: Networking Social & Axe Throwing

Albany, NY United States

About The New York - Upstate Chapter

TMA is about more than just turnaround. TMA members are a professional community that seeks to strengthen the global economy by working to save distressed businesses, assist management to navigate off-plan events, and help healthy companies avoid similar pitfalls.  The Upstate New York Chapter covers all of upstate New York north of Westchester County and has approximately 100 members. We rotate monthly meetings and provide educational and networking opportunities in the major upstate markets (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany areas).

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2023 Certification Oversight Committee Nominations Now Open through November 4, 2022

Get Involved: Nominate Yourself for a TMA Board or Committee Role! 

Submissions open for the Turnaround and Transaction of the Year Awards!

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The Importance of Certification

The CTP and CTA designations provide evidence of an individual's commitment to the turnaround and corporate renewal industry and also attest to a level of expertise that non-certified professionals may find difficult to prove. Completing the certification process provides a corporate renewal professional with a solid foundation to operate successfully in the industry and could very well enhance future earning power.

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Benefits of a TMA Membership

"Membership in TMA has provided me the opportunity to network and build rich relationships with the universe of professionals working in our market-both locally and globally. My ability to connect with a professional anywhere in the world is unparalleled. I could not find this resource anywhere else."

-Charlie Maclay, NextPoint LLC, TMA Upstate New York